Easy to Run RPG games?

Really bored and looking for a good easy to run rpg on steam (running off i5 2500k integrated graphics but really overclocked), any suggestions?

With the graphics settings turned down some the integrated graphics should do alright for RPG's, no?

My wife occasionally plays some RPG's (some vampire and magic stuff no doubt, I'm not into RPG's, don't ask which games...) on her notebook with Intel HD3000 IGP and it's doing alright. I've watched her play Venetica on it some time ago and that's a moderately modern graphics game and it's quite reasonable and good looking, well within "well playable" category.

I can run most things fine but i dont really want to be playing something at 720p with everything on low, and also my skyrim doesnt work because it doesnt recognize my integrated graphics as a video device, so i was just hoping to get some suggestions for another good rpg that i can run. 

I'd go classics like the Neverwinter Nights series, KOTOR etc. Should all run just fine and they are a lot of fun.