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Qain takes a moment to show us how to set up our own surveillance system using Linux. Check out the video.

Using Debian and Motion, we create a simple time lapse security camera.

It also has the ability to do motion reactive high frame rate recording, and high resolution still images.

In this build we used an old Acer netbook (not recommended)

Debian GNU/Linux: https://www.debian.org/

Motion (video surveillance software): http://www.lavrsen.dk/foswiki/bin/view/Motion

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What do you mean I have to read things, I'm american, I don't have to read anything.


Awesome video. This type of quick project guide format is great. Not familiar with motion (yet) do you run it via terminal? Or do you start it by flipping the daemon flag off/on in the config file each time?

Edit: read the link Wendell provided - "Motion is invoked from the command line. It has no GUI. Everything is controlled from config files."

Motion is invoked from the command line. It has no GUI. Everything is controlled from config files. From version 3.2 the command line is only used to define location of config file and a few special runtime modes (setup and non-daemon).

If Motion was invoked with command line option -c pathname Motion will expect the config file to be as specified. When you specify the config file on the command line with -c you can call it anything.

If you do not specify -c or the filename you give Motion does not exist, Motion will search for the configuration file called 'motion.conf' in the following order:
1. Current directory from where motion was invoked
2. Then in a directory called '.motion' in the current users home directory (shell environment variable $HOME). E.g. /home/goofy/.motion/motion.conf
3. The directory defined by the --sysconfdir=DIR when running .configure during installation of Motion (If this option was not defined the default is /usr/local/etc/)

So I work at a smaller hardware store in my town. They have a very old system from 10+ years ago. Would this be something that I could use if they do decide to have my build a system out for them?

I love the video, it seems fairly simple to do.

On a sidenote Qain when was this recorded? I know you weren't wearing that Nine Inch Nails beanie and jacket in this 80-ish degree NYC weather lol

I've used it at several businesses. The other software I've used is Zoneminder, http://www.zoneminder.com/ It's more in depth, and designed for larger scale environments. I haven't used it in over five years though.

A lot of the B-roll was shot this week, the time lapse, was recorded a couple months back.. and the intro shot was recorded back in February.

So are WD purples worth it for setting up something like this? Not sure what would make them different to run 24/7 though.

Might talk to my boss about it then. He doesn't want to spend outrageous amounts but needs something better then the ancient system he's currently on. The system they use is so old that it would have been been out of date by 2000... Yeah, its way bad.

I would, those drives are rather nice in these environments.

How many cameras?
You may want to look into the CCTV/Video input cards. it's also possible to use IP cameras, I've never had any available to test out though.

I was considering ip cameras. It may be too big of a job for one person to be honest. In the store I anticipate maybe 8-10 cameras. Outside maybe 2 more. Then we have a big barn of wood and other stock. Might be a couple more out there, which would be interesting to setup.

Looks interesting.

The Daemon flag just means it runs in the background, if that's "off" it will ouput debug information to the terminal.

I didn't go into it in the video, but the "threadX.conf" files are for separate cameras.

You edit the config file with all the global stuff, and you put the individual camera information in each of the thread files.

then you make sure the bottom of the motion.conf file has the include statements uncommented, and it should run each camera under a different thread. Again, not something I could easily do with this crap happy netbook.

For that, I would look into Zoneminder, it's got a front end that's designed for that kind of scale. motion, CAN do it, but it doesn't have a front end built. You would have to build one yourself.

Yeah I'll definitely be looking into it. Building something like this that they could use for years and years would definitely help to bump me up a little from minimum wage xD Idk I'll definitely make a case for it to my boss. He'd be very interested.

Nice they have pretty good documentation of all the built-in options.

The "lightswitch" option sounds handy - "Ignore sudden massive light intensity changes given as a percentage of the picture area that changed intensity."

I imagine that the "quiet" option will be handy for folks who start messing with this and want to leave their system volume on for whatever reason - "Be quiet, don't output beeps when detecting motion."

Fantastic! I really appreciate the different structure of the video/content and you certainly injected your own personality into the video. I want more! I want to physically comfort each member of Tek Syndicate in a platonic manner (It doesn't have to be platonic, I'm a reasonable human being, and absolutely approachable).



I love it, I LOVE IT!



So would something like this be ideal for a ghetto driving camera set up? I suppose it wouldn't be too quick to turn on though.

Hey people, it's funny but I actually made something similar myself from scratch and made a couple videos on my YouTube channel, I'll leave them here if you want to check them out:

Basically I made an image comparison system using fswebcam and some c++/qt software I found on Rosetta code.
Obviously it's all GPL3, so if you want to check it out on github, you'll find the link in both of these videos descriptions!

PS: this may or may not look like spam, I didn't make this post with bad intentions, but if any moderator is annoyed by it, just tell me, all right? :)