Easy Chroot into Linux on a phone or tablet

Linux Deploy

Easy and quick way to in stall Linux on a phone. Without extended knowledge of chroot.
(A chroot on Unix operating systems is an operation that changes the apparent root directory for the current running process and its children)
Getting the benefits of most of Linux regular software.

You can compile it yourself or:
and off course its in googleplaystore

Start up

  • Normal phone app layout. With a start stop arrow down in a box and 4 points right.
  • Start - Will start up the container
  • Stop - Will probably stop it...
  • Arrow down into a box(or what is) - are you're settings for the installation. Some important are listed in next topic.
  • 4 points - menu with some important stuff.(will come back to that later)

Settings for the installation


When its installed you can simply install debian. Since the developer of it wants money for the others.
Since he uses a special script to easily wipe the installation and replace it with a new installation of Linux.
I myself use a spare SDcard and set the destination for the installation on the SDcard. (if you are more advanced in this its possible to use that same installation in a raspberry pi ).

The option is there also to install it in a directory(you don't need a partition for it) were you can see all files or somewhere as a .img file. I don't see benefit in the ,img except when you want to move it a lot.


If the installation runs its possible to SSH in it. My choose for terminal if you don't have a favorite one is Termux.
https://termux.com/ but my preference may be different of yours. benefit of Termux it comes with some basic Linux commands. Where you normally would have to install busybox for http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1929852.

and you're set to go and use only command line programs.


Here you got the option for VNC, X11 or Framebuffer.
VNC is is nice but really lack stuff like a righter mouse click feature. Its really just visual feeling Linux.(i don't like it)
The easier way is starting X11 and connect with application like XServer XSDL.
https://github.com/pelya/xserver-xsdl can be compiled from here or install from Google play store.
You can pick from Linux deploy any GUI you want, the maker has just a few but you can pick anything. Only thing is you need to ssh in you own installation to configure it correctly.

Those 4 points icon

Only going trough the 2 of them. Its all pretty basic stuff the titles in the menu say what it will do but these 2 are needed:


If you set everything correctly hit this button and it will install the you're Linux version.
This might take some time. It will always install/reinstall place its in from zero.


This is the easy thing of Linux Deploy if you need to make some small changes in the options you can use this button to make the configuration to work.


Its not the most technical way to do this, but its one of the most easier ways to make it work.
this link has some more fast options: https://wiki.debian.org/ChrootOnAndroid
Its also possible to do everything manually without things like linuxdeploy.
But not gonna type that out, its really easy if you want it to do and you know how Linux works and this is more for those we want it quick.

Hope it helps and give some help to enrich you're virtual life on you're UNIX(for some better know as android) mobile device.

I myself have Cynagonmod on all my devices except one that has a nasty bootlock. Don't have it broken yet since there is a chance i will get locked out forever. ( already happened)
Also install Fdroid.
Its good for you!

Signing off now,


@Dje4321 this?

dje4321 is doing it the hardcore way.

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Dje4321 IS the hardcore way.


I am contended to say there is no such thing(Not going to try it on my own phone), since most phones has different ARM Architecture, aswell periferi hardware. A project like this would require a google size company to handle.
Not a GIT-hub project.
Basically it is like saying ill just install linux on my toaster, using a distro which supports all toasters....it ain't happening, since all toasters have different hardware.

this, this is good, bookmarked, now I have a reason to root my phone


First try it then tell us you're experience please. Right now most of my devices it work.
Except one Asus that i cant root.

Bytheway almost all open source software are GIT projects. I myself never on google play but i get my application from these sources. So i linked to that but you can find Linux Deploy in google play and all software you need for it.

Yeah forgot that needs to be root for this, but i go for it that its implied by using chroot. :p

since it will be using the same kernel as the android Rom they won't have to worry about the hardware.

haven't tested this.
but its a project saying it can be done without root.

Yep. But like @The_Cable said. I am doing it the hard way. doing it by hand instead of using some premade tool that is too easy.

yeah chroot requires root access since you could just chroot to / and have root access to the entire system

All phones are armv7, v6 , etc. you just need a distro for your architecture.

almost ALL phones are armv7 now so it is not a hard thing todo.

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but yeah, its easier but it has some benefits. This thread is written with the idea its easier for average to use Linux on a phone. Since most people tend to forgot how fucking annoying android is over a normal OS.

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yeah. gonna put this project on a back burner til i find my 64gb sdcard. Android is being a bitch and not letting me loop mount files. Will try this method in the meantime

You run Android or a custom rom?

custom rom. CM11

Hope 4.4.4 android based?

but if you do it with what i wrote and come across something odd ore useful share it.

yeah. 4.4.4.

will share anything i find

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