Easy Anti-Cheat

I’m trying to find knowledge on Easy Anti-Cheat in terms of detection for the program Cheat Engine or the Linux one called scanmem.
Hoping I can find a educational discussion.
I don’t use cheats for competitive reasons. I mainly use to limit time spent playing games.
In my past experiences I have had both successful and unsuccessful scenarios being banned by games.
Remember back in the day when you could unlock cheats like in Resident Evil?
My situation is Cheat Engine is used for offline play in single player.
This means computer is completely disconnected from the internet.

These are the steps I use.

Activate Steam Offline

Disconnect internet

Disable Easy Anti-Cheat

Launch Game

Run Cheat Engine using no cheat tables

The only use case of the program will be changing currency values in-game to any normal currency values allowed in-game.

That’s it

Then I’ll reactivate Easy Anti-Cheat

Connect to internet

Log back in steam or other application

Cloud sync disabled for whatever game to limit confusion with save file.

This will only be used for games that allow both offline and online play.

If you relaunch game will Easy Anti-Cheat be able to tell that Cheat Engine was used previously?

Hope someone has some knowledge

I’ve had success in the past with games not using Easy Anti-Cheat and failures with games not using Easy Anti-Cheat.

In this scenario I know the anti-cheat system is Easy Anti-Cheat.

If Easy Anti-Cheat can detect that is was used, how does it do so? How does it detect that memory scanning took place previously?
Also curious if a system reboot would be recommended before going online?

Hope someone has knowledge on the topic, thanks.

Hi, I am not gonna consider how to avoid cheat detection systems, but if it an offline game you want to mess with, would it not be easier to find an app that manipulates the save file itself? Rather than using a cheat app?

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This depends on the specific implementations the game in question so don’t take this as a 100% thing but:
To my knowledge the games that implement EAC only do so in Multiplayer modes. Noone cares about singleplayer cheats and neither does EAC as far as I know.
If it can even look at save files I’m not sure but typically it only detects what is running alongside the game.

The game is Elden Ring

I’ve already have had success changing some game value’s. Though lot’s of people are already getting banned and they’re appears to be no servers for cheaters.

It’s all really bizarre because at the end of the day big time youtuber’s are running cheat tables and mods to help make and edit they’re video’s.

It’s also hard to say if people get banned by failing to execute the proper safe guards when running cheats.

Cheats should always be done offline and cheats shouldn’t alter game values beyond what’s originally allowed in the game.

You say that EAC only works in Multiplayer modes, but Elden Ring player’s do seem to get banned when they log into Elden Ring after returning from EAC being disabled and being offline.

So somehow EAC/From Software is banning people for what they do in an offline environment with EAC disabled.

That’s not what I said, that’s your interpretation of what I said.

And besides that, in Elden Ring and other souls titles you can go from offline to online with the click of a button using the same character. So whatever you change in Single Player does carry over to Multiplayer, so in a sense it’s Multiplayer all the time.