Easily Overclockable Pentium or i3

Is there a Pentium or i3 that can easily be overclocked and is compatabile with Mac OS X?

I'm trying to build a lower-end PC that I can dual boot into Mac OS (a Hackintosh). Because of the hackintosh aspect I'm going to need it to be compatable with OS X. I'm not trying to break the bank on this one about $130 for the part. I have looked at tonymacx86 and they recommend the i3-3225. I just don't know enough to make the decision. 

I'm new to this so I'm also wondering how to overclock RAM is that based on the motherboard or the RAM itself? How do I know if something is overclockable?

Thanks everyone!


The last overclockable Pentiums and I3's were from the Nehalem days. Every since SandyBridge, you can no longer get any meaningful overclock from any Intel CPU other than an unlocked K-series processor.

From my experience, overclocking RAM is really hit or miss, and so are the gains from doing so. Typically, if your set of RAM does overclock beyond factory specs, you will need to loosen timings a bit. Some programs favor bandwidth, others favor latency.

In short, don't bother with overclocking, especially on a low-end build with hackintosh.. AMD is the only company that offers overclocking on the low end, along with higher native RAM speed support, and from what a I gather, Mac OS X is a real pain to get working with AMD CPU's/motherboards, if you can do it at all.

I would just get the i3 with some nice 1600mhz ram and just use that it will give you plenty of speed the i3 is a suprisingly powerful chip.

^This. :)