EA's SimCity online DRM and banning forum users

My friend just showed me this little article about how EA banned a beta tester from the forums for making valid complaints about their always online DRM.

EA is always living up to their new motto: Run this shit into the ground!


Link: https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20130127/19023721799/redditor-points-out-flaws-simcitys-online-only-drm-gets-banned-ea-his-troubles.shtml?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter

o lawd, i hope they go broke

I still have friends who say they don't care they just want to play the game and have fun.  I get so frusterated when people don't think about what they're supporting.  In five years time when the servers go down because it's not profitable, there won't be a crack you can go back on, and EA has no reason to give people an "offline patch".  They'll just shut you out entirely.  I wish I could find a way of talking about it that didn't rile me up so much, and make me sound so tin-foil-hat so people would listen and not just dismiss it.  If people buy this, they're basically saying to large corporations; "Yeah, here's the keys to my PC, dig in!  Just let me take it for a spin once in a while.  You know, when you're online and not bogged down."


I think it speaks volumes when, during a recent press event, (http://kotaku.com/5978882/my-day-with-the-new-simcity) the presenters had to reboot the server because some people were having trouble logging on.  That means that people who were in the game playing away by themselves got kicked out and had to wait as well.


I refuse to even look at EA games anymore.  I get mad when I have to pass their HQ on the way to the mall!  

Havent bought a EA game in years because of all the crap they have done. DRM, buying out great games to run them in the ground. Have to be online to play, need high speed internet just to register and update BEFORE you can play a game you bought OFFLINE etc...

Oh and I still have games of theirs I have NEVER been able to use because of this crap. I didnt have fast enough internet to register before and now I dont live in the US. With the VERY limited income I had at the time you canonly imagine how pissed I was!

I'm trying to ween myself from EA bought BlackOps  before I bought Battlefield and Sims 3 on sale. I don't think I'll continue to buy from EA. EA makes good games so I understand why some people put up with them. What they do however is no different than Steam is it? 

The always-online DRM is to prevent people from pirating the game. The problem is that it punishes people who actually purchase the game and the people behind the cracks of games will find a way to make it run anyway. So everybody loses when EA and others do things like this.

What they do however is no different than Steam is it?

You don't have to be online to play your games on Steam =) As long as the games doesn't also have this online DRM ^^