Earpads for Superlux HD668B's

Looking for a good pair of earpads. I Love these headphones but the comfort sucks. I was looking at a think pair of pads to get them off my ears. Wondering if anyone out there is using the Brainwavz Angled pads. http://www.brainwavzaudio.com/collections/accessories/products/headphone-memory-foam-earpads-angled-hybrid

I would be open to any other suggestions based on experience.

Brainwavz are probably the most popular for the HD668Bs

I haven't tried the brainwavz pads myself, some say they are quite a tight fit on the 668's. I was considering them for a while but in the end I just bought some velour pads off ebay and stuffed some soft packing foam between the pads and the headphone frame, worked marvellously.