Early benchmarks indicate major DX12 gains for AMD

I don't know if anyone else saw this, but PC Perspective got their hands on a game running DX12 called "Ashes of the Singularity", an upcoming RTS. Their tests indicate awesome gains for the 390x (at least in this game) and I think this is a very good sign for AMD. Nvidia has already released a statement denying these benchmarks replicate "real world" gains. What do you guys think?


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Wow. Nvidia denies something that isn't favorable to them. What a shocker coming from such a reputable company that would never ever tell a lie.

This shouldn't come as a surprise. Dx12 is basically Mantle. Made by AMD and adopted by Microsoft to give more juice to their pathetic console that runs AMD hardware.


What about the 390 (non X)? Did it create a bigger enough performance gap between it and the 390X to make the additional price worth it I wonder?

nice, NV is butthurt.

I like AMD. I've own only one nvidia card, and that was about 10 years ago.

But all I see here is how badly optimized for DirectX11 AMD's drivers are. Sure, when Directx12 comes along those 390X will offer better price-to-performance than the 980, but until then? What about all those Directx11 games? It will be years before all the games will use Directx12.

In the mean time, what's stopping nvidia from optimizing their drivers for Directx12 like they did for Directx11? On the other hand, one could also say that nvidia drivers are already well optimized for Directx12 and you won't get any major benefits from newer drivers. But the question of Directx11 performance is still there.

I have no idea what they are complaining about. Nvidia are still pulling ahead or direct neck and neck.

nVidia need to fuck off. Just shut up for a while and go play in the corner and stop being massive idiots.

EDIT: Yes I understand their DX12 is not up or their exacting standards and not always faster than their DX11 but in most cases they are still as fast/faster overall.


Come on really? This whole AMD vs Nvidia crap I see on here sometimes is so dumb. I like both companies equally. Every time I read posts like this I feel like I'm reading a PS4 vs XBONE fanboy forum. Such a waste.

Anyways rant over. So some early benchmarks show a AMD card making good gains on DX12. Good for that. No reason to act like Nvidia sucks because of that. As far as I remember DX12 games aren't even out yet. I'm sure when they are front and Center both AMD and Nvidia will both show big gains and it will all be happy wonderful PC gaming for all.

Also on a side note I have to take early benchmarks with a massive grain of salt. I remember seeing people post early benchmarks of the furyx supposedly "destroying Nvidia" and I think we all know how that turned out.

Anyways second rant over. I hope both sides see gains like this. The near future of PC gaming looks very promising.


They're complaining because Dx12 gains aren't big enough to justify the price difference between AMD and Nvidia cards once Dx12 becomes the standard. It's already hard to justify the price difference. Only Nvidia's high-end GPU's make sense. Everything else they have is overpriced crap. FFS, they still sell 2Gb GDDR5/128bit cards for $250 as mid-range cards. You can get similar performance from AMD for $100 less. Add Dx12 to the mix and you get a better product for way less.

On top of that only Maxwell cards support Dx12 right now while AMD has 3 series of GPU's ready for it because GCN is designed to support it. Their entire business model of releasing overpriced cards can fall apart because of this because people can just get a 2 or even 3 year old AMD card and still get satisfying performance.

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Well good really. Maybe they will start to be competitive. Not likely but maybe. And nVidia being who they are I don't expect it to be long before they catch up through some underhanded manner. Next wave of gameworks with even more added terrible performance to artificially slow down and the competition and make nVidia look faster anyone?

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I think the difference is this

NVidia's architecture was always built around squeezing the most out of a broken api

amd's (or more importantly ATI's) gcn was ALWAYS built around the hope of the api being fixed at some point..

if I am correct on this then the person who devised gcn is a fricking genius, possibly deluded BUT a genius nonetheless


Correct me if bollocks but the game engine was written around GCN architecture under Mantle, That's the point of being closer to the metal, You write for the exact hardware more than you would with DX11 and before.

I hope DX12 wont mean more fragmentation of game performance due to target hardware.

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Yes because the game runs mantle. Let's be real here. The guy from Oxide even says so in the first 20 seconds of this clip. Maybe the title of these type of threads should read "BREAKING NEWS: NVIDIA CARDS DON'T PLAY WELL WITH MANTLE!"

A game supporting Mantle does not mean it runs solely on Mantle. Let's be real here, DX12 =\= Mantle.

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I think we need to see more, but this is what we expected and predicted.



These gains for AMD.

May be why Nvidia is throwing out new graphics cards like smartphones

They knew it was coming and are being super aggressive on the market, cause of it

I think people need to wait tell there are a few DX12 games out to see how they go on both sides instead of throwing Nvidia out the window acting like they suck. No I'm not a fanboy. I like both sides.

i mean, DX12 borrows from Mantle to a degree. this shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.. You know what would of surprised me, if it were the opposite, if Nvidia cards soared and AMD's didn't. only time will tell what will be come of Nvidia's performance when DX12 games come.

Hopefully good things, now I'm getting nervous about installing the 980 Ti I bought sitting here NIB lol.......

I don't think it will be terrible. considering Nvidia has always been in bed with Intel, and Intel has been in bed with Microsoft. i definitely expect it to get fixed.. but ever since WIndows 10 Nvidia just fell off in terms of quality. their two drivers they released were broken, Nvidia's complaining about performance now. lord have mercy.

I don't think any of the X series are ever really worth it, especially the 390x since the Fury cards came out. It's really only there for the hyper enthusiasts.

On topic, I guess nvidia knows what gameworks feels like now. At least until their next gen GPUs.