I need earbuds, i've got like $50 CAD lying aroud and want some nice earbuds to listen to because the buds that came with xperia z1 are subpar. I like earbuds that are stylish and have good bass, all while being strong in the other categories.

I have heard that klipsh makes some solid earbuds for not too much money.  I use sennheiser personally and they sound pretty good

The razer hammerhead earphones are great and are very stylish.They also cost exactly 50$!



i heard the hammerheads have op bass and nothin else

Not really into razer, everything ive ever used from them has been a complete let down so i just don't by their stuff anymore,

I have $10 Dolphin brand pink earbuds, they are terrible, but there's no point trying to replicate the sound or even get close to my ATH-M50's with an earbud, so I don't try anymore.

A jays three i have them myself and they are very nice, good sound and look good for me you can buy them in full black or white you can also buy the A jays two or one those are cheaper and a bit wors but still fine