Ear protection

I'm not sure if this is really the right topic, so if this is the wrong please say.

I'm looking for some ear plugs. I prefer in-ear, however if it works, it works.
I will be using them in a very large exhibition hall, where the noise is crazy sometimes. There are hundreds of people talking and I need to concentrate on my work. Ideally I would like something under £20 if anyone has any personal recommendations.

Edit: sorry, I didn't way. I am looking for reusable plugs, preferably with a good case?

Ear plugs or in ear headphones? I just use my in ears as ear plugs.

Where I'm going to be using them I can't take data carriers (mp3 players, phones that sort of thing).Otherwise I might have made some sound proof headphones using some in ears plus some of the ear plug putty.

Mixed reviews are mixed... http://www.amazon.co.uk/Proguard-Mould-Your-Custom-Earplugs/dp/B00DRAZXC0/

Have you personally/ know someone who used them? Because I have heard some bad things about the moulded plugs so I just wanted some assurance from someone who used them

Nope lol, sorry.

Find a hardware store and pick up some earplugs. They should do just fine. You can pick up a box for pretty cheap.


There's no kill like an overkill:


if you don't want to spend a fortune:


I'd look for something intended for industrial/professional use such as the links above if you want something that doesn't suck.

Having used several different models of different styles I will use the custom molded musicians plugs. Most of the other styles distort the sounds for me were far less comfortable. I use my musicians plugs at concerts as well as when riding my motorcycle as the wind noise is very loud.

Edit: They are definitely above your budget, but if you aren't prone to losing things, they'll easily last for five or more years. I've not had a cheaper option last over a year.

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Amazing coincidence, there are reusable ear plugs going on massdrop right now:

cheers for all the advice, I saw the massdrop earplugs, and I am pretty tempted to buy some. But I hadn't heard of musician/music plugs so I wasn't sure if they were good. I would prefer that kind after looking into them, the issue with one use foam plugs is it is harder to hear my team mate, so if these music/ concert plugs are good I might go for them

Replace your ears with cybernetic ones so that they have an off switch.

You have no idea how much I want to cybernetic implants of the borg (just without loosing my identity)

Cheers for all your help guys and girls. I managed to find the Massdrop Alpine ear plugs cheaper on amazon (because delivery to the UK was a bit much). So I bought them.
Thanks very much

Yeah, the musicians plugs keep a fairly flat curve and don't ruin the high frequencies like the foam ones do. Last concert I was at (Wilson) I was able easily chat with people whilst listening to the show at a very comfortable level.

I have a generic pair.

They work really well.

The trick to ear plugs is to squish them as much as you possibly can and then insert them deep into your ear and let the foam expand and seal everyting out.

I used these while taking pictures of Top Fuel Drag Racer from less than 200? feet away

FYI topfuel is about 150Db

wait I'm not sure these are the right plugs OP wants...

The problem is they muddy the high frequencies, barely work on low frequencies and for people like me they are near impossible to get in my ears.

After you squeeze and roll them do you pull back your ear? Reach around the back of your head and pull on the top part of your ear. It straightens out the ear canal or something and allows for a better seating.

We also use a generic set in the boiler room of a ship, not sure what DB level, but it's loud and hot in there.

I've tried that. My ear canal turns too much.

Get some vented protection that dampens db's rather than high frequency content.