EA tries to fix their public image with a 100% to charity Humble Bundle. I approve

EA is finally doing something right for a change. They've partnered with the awesome guys at humblebundle.com and put together an awesome package of pay what you want goodness.

I know, I know, I'm not an origin fan either but 5 of the 7 games are also on steam and thus come with steam keys. That and EA has pledged to donate all of the money to charity. There isn't an option for the devealoper's cut. So even if you choose to boycott Origin, you're still getting 5 amazing titles for under 5 bucks and all of it goes to charity. So... you know... get on it.

Now I for one don't trust that EA execs are just feeling rather generous today. They of course have their goals in mind, so lets just be aware of them and take advantage of the sale anyways.

They're likely trying to do 3 things. Obviously trying to get a little bit of good press on their side for once. Also it's fairly evident they're hoping to get a huge influx of customers signed up on origin. Good on the humble bundle guys for swinging the steam keys by valve despite the title being the "Humble Origin Bundle". The Odd one is that they only included Dead Space 1 & 3. I Don't know if they're trying to drive sales on the 2nd title by getting people hooked on the series or what. One would think you give people 1 & 2 and make them buy the latest chapter to find out how it ends. 

They just can't quite make things entirely easy for us.

That said, it's all going to charity so what do I care. I can skip Dead Space 2.

to bad they killed their code activation system... i find it hard to believe that their system is THAT weak that everything but their main site is down

I just bought the bundle on my lunch break at work! :P 

Codes aren't working overlordnick says? SHITTY!

I haven't played any of the deadspace games, so the 5 bucks was worth it even for those 2!

it's really good that they're doing this though, even if it does give them good press, it still is a great deal, and a good deal pushes people to buy it often, so there might be a large group of people buying it and giving their money to charity.

got it, damn good deal!, just gotta wait for origin to work properly.

At least some of the games you can activate with steam. I wish the origin products codes were working however so i can play me some sims! They said they have "top agents" working on it, but it doesnt seem like they exist. Ive been waiting for hours!

"Trying" is the keyword

Well all the games I want on there have steam activations this is the kind of stuff I show my console friends about and I watch there mouths hit the ground.


Is that an Indiana Jones reference?

Well this is going to be on the WAN show no doubt

I can't even download Origin...

So you get the 8 games for 5$ and can't even activate them?

There had to be a catch. 

Yup, because people contributed many codes from it. And LMG put a $100 grand prize in too. They'll give EA credit, but I'm betting they'll try playing devil's advocate. Which is fair.

I was able to activate all of the steam games.

What are people having issues with? Or is it just origin?

It's just the Origin side of things... They need to stop renting servers for distributing games... >__>

Oh, Ok.


This morning my BF3 download was on 9%, it's nearly 6pm and it's now on 12%. Yeah they fucked up here, I'm not sure if they're sitting around with their fingers up their asses or they're genuinly working on it because I started this download at 1am last night. An entire day and no server fixes? EA is a big enough company with a big enough wallet, there is no excuse.

I called it by the way, ask Rytak.

Played most of the games before, but I'll still get it. Burnout Paradise is a really good game, even if you're not usually into racing games.

I liked Burnout Paradise on console, but the PC port is just painful (although no where near as bad as that F1 game on steam), it would be ok if they fixed the interface but at the moment it's just horribly fiddly. For example, when I went to login everytime I typed my details into a box, instead of clicking the next box I had to press enter and then click the next box, why? For some reason there is really bad mouse acceleration in game menus, or mabe it's just the v-sync which there is no option to turn off. 

I feel I am bitter after my issues with Bf3 so I will give the game another go tonight, sorry for my little rant there but I just really dislike bad ports especially when some aspects are incredibly simple yet lazily ignored which would improve the experience for PC gamers.