EA on the rise?

Now I'm not saying that EA is returning to the glory days, but, while I hate the expression, this E3 is like a wetdream.  Batllefront on Frostbite 3.  Battlefield 4 looks great and a step in the right direction, oh and MIRRORS EDGE 2!  


That looks...phenomenal.  (And I mean visually.)  I have my reservations.  I want to see Battlefront done right, not just Battlefield with lasers.  And I want to see BF4 done right, a step away from the run and gun and towards the glory days of BF:V.  And I want to see Mirrors Edge 2 done right, with emphasis on free running supplemented by meaningful martial arts.  And with EA's track record I'm witholding excitement.  However, I get the feeling that DICE is doing what they want to do again, and that's just a good thing.  I also have a secret hope for Mirror's Edge 2 + Oculus Rift.  Even Dragon Age 3 looked better.  (Notice how I don't say good.)  It looked gritty, there's cool characters returning, and while the crazy alien things falling from the sky that kind of look like Protheans has me a little anxious, the promise of importing your previous Warden is awesome.  

I hesitate to say that any of these games will be great.  And I know that in the past EA has ruined so many games that look like they have so much potential.  However, I do think they look better and consideirng that they just had a management change, I'm hoping and praying that this is the start of a new EA.  

My feelings about EA aside, I can't wait for the next Mirror's Edge to be released. What makes it look so phenominally good, from a developers' point of view, is the lighting. All game makers should invest time in the lighting engine; EA has done this incredibly well, which is why the first Mirror's Edge still looks better than most modern games. ME2 will be a great game, unless EA seriously tries hard to make it unejoyable. I can't wait.

Battlefront <3

EA does have a lot of awesome IPs. It was usually just bad business decisions that has ruined them in my opinion. But they did recently just get rid of their CEO and are looking for a new one so hopefully things will change for the better.

Also, not all studios that publish through EA are wholly owned by EA, such as Crytek and Respawn Entertainment (developing Titanfall). Since these studios are not owned by EA, but rather just have a publishing deal, EA has significantly less control over what they do which gives me a lot more hope for Titanfall. That's also the reason why Crytek put Crysis 2 Maximum Edition back up on Steam. ;)

Yeah, the lineup is really looking good from them right now. I can't believe a new mirror's edge is coming out. I never thought it would happen, and the visuals are just amazing. The mere fact that the glass in the beginning of the trailer is from the game engine itself just blows my mind.

I hope they do Battlefront correctly. It was always kind of a mediocre game in my opinion. The graphics were never amazing and the gameplay always felt a little clunky. Hopefully they can improve upon it tenfold with the Frostbite Engine though.

I like the fact that they're bringing back naval battles to BF4, and it looks pretty great graphically (although not a huge improvement over BF3). I just hope they ditch the whole "let's find a server in your web browser" thing. That shit is annoying, and it totally pulls you out of the game if you decide you want to switch servers.

I'm excited. EA, I almost, ALMOST, forgive you for all the screwups in the past. 

IMO the only good that EA had came from Dice.

They probably didn't run BF4 at max settings, wanted to make sure that everything went smoothly. Singelplayer for BF4 just seemed very much CoD only with better grapthics. Was not impressed but it was good that all those fightes were destroyed, seeing how easely the wings came off they would have made it off the runway.

Kind of sad that Titanfall is under EA but what can you do. But I am interested how well they manage to balance it. They need to make you feel OP when you're in the mech and still allow people run around the map without beeing murdered.

And it's about time for Mirrors Edge 2.

Mirror's Edge 1 one of my favourite games of all time. So happy to hear that 2 is in development!