EA has lost another customer (FALSE ADVERTISEMENT)

EA has been going down most would say but today they have lost another customer and created a very angry person. Im here to show you all how EA takes care of the fanbase.

Today I was buying my friend a copy of battlefield 3 because it was only "$19.99 USD" and we needed a new game. I had no problem buying my brokefag friend a game for 20 bucks but what should have been a simple buy and download turned into wasted 3+ hours of time and a angry customer.

As of now [3:34am EST 2/28/2013] the false advertisement is still there. Here is the link and screenshot of the advertisment for battlefield at 19.99USD.


As you can see the PC direct download is 19.99USD here, sweet price. Okay lets click on Buy Now via Origin.

You are redirected here.

"Da Fuq" its 39.99 for the PC direct download.


As of time posted above this mistake is still live. Im going to promote going here and getting in touch with a live customer support member and complain. Maybe someone at EA will stop jerking off and help one of us. I refuse to remove this post until its fixed and everyone is helped.

Good day and all Heil Logan.


Steam: Rsslone

Origin ID: therealbubsy

Email: [email protected]

careful when buying - no refunds. I knew I wanted a refund before I could even open it.

The error has been fixed on the site.

The sale ended on the 27th just saying and it didnt make you buy it so... yeah