EA Exec, "Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are 'a generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market.' "

Not sure if any of you have seen this but I couldn't believe this article when I read it



We all are apart of well established group of gamers and PC Enthusiats. And I must say this is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard EA say and that is saying something.


Thoughts on this matter?

EA Games being EA Games...


EA is full of shit. That is all I have to say.

even if that is the case, define a generation in PC technology. This is what nowadays, 6 months max? Then they will be left in the dust again.

I read that article, so excuse my language, but that guy is a fucking idiot.

They're just trying to hype the consoles. Everyone knows this is bullshit. Even someone from Epic Games called it bullshit. This is just to try to get dumbasses to get excited about the new consoles. You have EA sitting there saying the new consoles are god boxes, while you have Nvidia saying they're absolute shit.

Neither one is correct. EA is just trying to hype up the consoles because they make money off of them, and Nvidia is just butt hurt because both Sony and Microsoft went with AMD architecture because Nvidia hardware is way overpriced.

Even if they were (doubt it).....I'd still stay with PC ...it's just a better community

Well it totally depends on how you look at this really. If you just look at it power wise as in computational power then no, they aren't even close. However, if you look at it technology wise, they could in theory be right as the new consoles are using AMD's hetrogeneous technology which, at this moment in time, is not found in any PC on the market, therefore placing them a generation ahead in that respect.

That doesn't mean it's going to perform better than a gaming pc though. It's just a flat out lie to generate hype.

Face it, most people out there won't ever know where to start in a world of PC gaming out there. If they just want to get out there in the gaming community without any further delays then consoles are the best path to go. I bet some of us here were raised from console gaming back in the days like me.

If you're saying console is better then PC, than I can truely end that. How would your games be made without the PC's?

"These architectures are a generation ahead of the highest end PC on the market"

Technically I don't think this is incorrect since the CPU is of an unreleased AMD architecture. However, the rest is a bunch of non sense hype. When the CEO of EA says "architectures" the adverage console peasent  automatically associates that with better. Which we all know isn't necessarily true.

It was the opposite for me. I've had a PC since I was young because PC is actually a useful thing so I naturally started playing games on it.

Consoles, on the other hand, are purely entertainment devices. I didn't even care about their existence until I got into the gaming communities on the internet.

He's just saying that it's easier for most people to go with a console because you don't have to learn anything about the specs. You just buy one and whatever you stick in it works.

I think more people are migrating to PC gaming recently though, because they don't think the new consoles are all that impressive. Not to mention we're starting to see some PC games become more and mroe popular like League of Legends and Starcraft 2. They're not the most demanding games in the world, but they're still drawing quite a crowd from the mainstream gaming community.

The architecture may be different, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's more advanced. The architecture may be ahead of the current generation's PC's, but that doesn't mean it performs better either. What they said may be true, but they specifically worded it that way so they can claim they're telling the truth while building tons of hype with people who thinks that means it will perform better than anything else out there, which is a patently false assumption.

Pretty much what I was trying to get at.

seems to me that this was written by a kid. and was just copy and pasted. if you look at it their just short paragraphs that start and end, leaving other information out, hmmmm. go back to wasting $50 on your water downed games kid, and let us take care of the techy thingy am ma dos.

I've never really cared about graphics that much, so the power of a system doesn't really matter in my point of view. As long as I can play the games I like that have good storylines and so forth, then I'm happy and pleased. Yes, I grew up with a console (PS then PS2 and PS3) but I also grew up with PCs. Even Grew up with an Atari (2600 I think, don't remember exactly) and I played on it every day together with my siblings (switched player since we couldn't play 2 to 4 people at the same time) until it broke I think. Have played a lot on all the Consoles/PCs I've owned and noticed that nothing can replace one another, in my point of view, cause all have their own system, functionality, mechanics, programing and so on... Sure, you are able to play the game on the computer or console today, but when you were younger and played the game on whatever you played it on, it had flaws that made it a little more difficult. Maybe you couldn't push 3-4 buttons at the same time on the Playstation or maybe your atari couldn't take the rapid button press you do cause you're too fast, maybe you need to make sure you time it right. It was something extra you had to master to be able to be good at it. Looking at it today, you will never have the same problem, the same feeling or whatever other difference there is cause you are playing it on a system that reads the buttons flawlessly and so forth.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that even though the PC is better at specs, the PS4 or XBox might have stuff you'll never have with the PC. I like final fantasy, tomb raider and crashbandicoot, and I remember most of them being created for the Playstation consoles and not the PC (made on a PC but not for the PC, feels a little silly but yeah). PS4 might not be as strong as a PC but it might feel a lot better to use than the PC and it still might have games that you can't play on a PC. I like the PS3 cause the OS just feels awesome to me but I bought it at first cause it was better at specs than my computer and I've always liked sonys controls. Now it's a lot worse than my computer but I still prefer some of its games over the computer and watching movies with it is a little more simple with the controller.

BTW I also love Left 4 dead (1 and 2), Counter strike (all of them), Half Life (all of them), Guild wars, Warcraft 3, Heroes of Newerth, League of Legends and so forth. I'm not just a console lover.

Sometimes I play on my gameboy colour cause I like the button system for pokémon and also so much nostalgia. I also love to play on the PS2 cause I love the console version of Everquest and I also love Resident Evil Outbreak (1 and 2).

PS4 might be worse than a computer, but I might still buy it if the OS pleases me and if the Final Fantasy games are made for it, cause I like those games. I(!) like those games, do you? if not, then maybe it's not for you.

You never know until you've tried it. All are beginners at start. Don't hate cause it's not telling you what you want to hear, just ignore it (don't buy it) and move on.

It's just marketing hype this.

Either way I'll probably buy a PS4 at some point, I just like having a console sitting under my TV, and it might as well be the latest generation. Also I already have a PS3 and have a PSN+ subscription, and I don't mind getting "free" games just for paying like $5 a month, or whatever it is.

EA is trying their hand at being a hype man.