EA cleaning up its act?

As most of us already know, the CEO of EA was fired. I wasn't sure if this was going to make much of a difference at all, but I woke up this morning to quite a surprise. I logged into Origin, and it looks like EA legitimately feels bad over the Sim City debacle, or at least realizes they have a PR problem, because a pop-up ad came up telling me that I could pick out a game for free since the Sim City launch was so screwed up.

They gave me a list of games to choose from. I was a little disappointed to see that Crysis 3 wasn't on the list and that I either already owned most of the games on the list or just wasn't interested in the others. There was one game that caught my eye though, so I picked up Dead Space 3 for free. After that, I realized that Crysis 3 is now in sale for half price on Origin, so I went ahead and grabbed a copy.

I was really surprised to see Crysis 3 on sale for $30, especially because a AAA title like that from EA usually only drops in price a few years later. I don't know if they're just putting it on sale because of Sim City being a nightmare, or if they're trying to steal a page from Steam's playbook.

What do you guys think? Is this just the aftermath of the Sim City disaster, or are they actually trying to actively change their business model now that the old CEO has been canned?

I wouldnt get our hopes up, they might try to bait us back in to trusting them, but they wont change. Not unless its a big management change.

I'd say a new CEO is a big management change...I'm not saying it will make a difference, but your comment doesn't exactly make sense, lol.

We can hope, but I'm of the opinion it just didn't sell as well as they had hoped on PC.. By comparison, Battlefield 3 was full price for almost a year after relase, Medal of Honor Warfighter however was half price after just a few weeks..

A new CEO could be a good thing for EA though, things certainly can't get much worse..

I'm just surprised. Crysis 3 has been out for probably only a month or so, and there was a lot of hype surrounding it. Not to mention, it looks like they're having a massive sale right now. They've slashed prices pretty considerably on Crysis 3, Dead Space 3, The Sims 3, Hitman Absolution, Mass Effect 3, Resident Evil 5, Batman Arkham City, The Walking Dead, FIFA, Assassin's Creed 3, and a few other games.

Generally they are improving with sales on older games but I agree that it's surprising to see Crysis for half price so soon, that's what makes me think it didn't do as well on release as they forecast.. MOHWF was hyped a lot as well yet sales were pretty poor..

How does a ceo get fired? Their is nobody above him. Thats like a mcdonalds cashier firing the store manager.

The Investors who you know...esentially own the company

The Company will take work, but the deals on Origin....

AWWWWwwwwwwwwwww Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 


They will gain your trust then they will fuck you in the butt

Meh, sales or not I still don't want to give money to them 

I suppose you're giving your money to Activision then? Either that or you're just not going to be doing much gaming at all...besides indie games of course.

Well i got Deadspace 3 for 30$ on the pc and that only came out about a month ago

Let me get this straight.

If satan reamed your asshole for 2 years straight, promising that he'd use lube everytime but winding up lying everytime, then after the most recent time he realizes he's unpopular so he gives you a gift basket you'd take the next reaming ready and willing?

Get real kiddo this is PR at it's finest, in 2 weeks this sim city debacle will blow over and everyone will feel good for the sympathy blowjobs EA gave them and preorder the next dragon age or what ever and then act all surprised when they ream you again.

Use your heads, this isn't a new leaf this is the same story and all these sales are doing is generating aditional revenue while massaging hurt egos. This isn't a reward to loyal fans, it's a trap being set for the next big release. They're trying to get us used to the reaming so they can keep gimping their games, charging for dlc, and tacking on retard ass DRM.

Theres a fine line between profits on pc and reducing the price to do two things.

1: To promote the product and get people into buying. Think of this like a trick for you to spend money.

2: They know people will circumvent the DRM anyway and torrent the shit out of the game so lower the price to maybe entice those people to actually buy it too.

With that being said EA is very predictable and I'll pretty much +1 Oxy too they just want us to spend our money on them. Hey they are a company and a company needs to make money...bottom line.

CRYSIS 3 ON SALE?! :O Faith in EA Games restored.

I don't disagree, but EA will probably make a lot more money if they drop the prices of their games anyway. This is a PR stunt most likely, but EA might actually realize that they make more money when they sell their games for a reasonable price in the process.

If we want them to stop with the DLC, DRM, microtransactions and all the other bullshit we need to show them with our wallets. Continuously buying into it and then whining does nothing. A publicly traded company needs to show a steady and consistent increase... They'll just take it further and further because WE WONT STOP BUYING THEIR SHIT. 

I would love to take advantage of this. But I can't log into my origin account. I REALLY dislike EA.

I dislike EA for ruining Mass effect 3, and for day one DLC. DLC is fine 6 months after the game was released or for stupid stuff like hats. DLC for main game characters annoys the hell of me.