EA bans access to origin for the whole country

EA has denied access to their games for all citizens of Myanmar. And nobody knows why.
The person who is complaining about this says he got no refund for his games, no apology and no reason given yet.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/5a51e2/ea_games_and_origin_quietly_bans_an_entire/

Iran is now the 2nd victim https://www.reddit.com/r/gaming/comments/5a5rta/ea_and_origin_has_also_recently_banned_another/

This has got to be the biggest dick move EA has ever pulled. They are shooting for the starts this time.
On other hand I actually feel relieved that I didn't buy any games from them. This is an excellent scenario to use when justifying non-DRM content.

Such Courage
Very Greed
Much Powaar

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Is it permanent? Bc Origin was down all of last night for me in New York so they could be fucking around with stuff.

.01 Bitcoin says that it's because of some social justice bullshit. Marxists have infested technology and it's getting pretty bad. Faceberg, Twatter, Plebbit, etc. are all (((echo chamber))) shitholes of Marxism.


For Indefinitely now. Some people are suggesting it could have something to do with US making sanctions against Myanmar but the OP in reddit said they have been lift on 7th of October but the ban persists.

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Umm what? I don't think EA will hand out games to the masses Bc they want socialism to come about. And Facebook twitter and the rest of them sure as hell aren't giving up ad revenue anytime soon. No, just no. Anyone who believes in marixs theories are usually not the big corps. Bc that would mean their downfall.

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I don't see how selling people games and then taking away those games from them is social justice.


His post has this quote;

Edit Edit: Nevermind, it's the second link. They said "...with the Origin 10 update, US laws (which is where EA is based) forced them to block certain countries. Unfortunately you live in one of those countries. I'm sorry but there is nothing we ca do here to allow you access again." So I'm making a (hopefully pretty safe) assumption that it's because of sanctions.

So I'd say its safe to assume this is because of the US sanctions. I can't really blame EA for the beginning of this one. I know everyone and their mother loves to abuse EA, but if I was EA I wouldn't dare do any transactions in or out of Myanmar if the US gov is enforcing Sanctions on them. Although, since the sanctions have been lifted, this is now shitty. I'm not going to throw a fit quite yet though, I think a bit more time should be given to see if EA gets around to fixing this. EA and Valve run on different time scales to the rest of the world, as in take the date where things should be done and add 1-2 months.

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Myanmar's sanctions were lifted on October 7th. For those of you that say EA has no choice, they do.

Bro I addressed that...

I don't see a reason why lifting the ban should take 1-2 months. it's not like they have to physically go there.

I'm sort of surprised that digital things are counted in this. Bc it's digital. It's not a real physical thing. You are using your own countries infrastructure to play the game. Like once the game is made it's made. That like saying you can't have any America ideas either. That seems a bit off to me.

Mate if the US government was just sanctioning the country, would your company be all gung-ho to run back in there as soon as the ban ends? Just saying man, not super desirable IMO.

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EA is an American company.
20% of Americans can NOT find the Pacific Ocean on a map (hint: it's the big blue one)
Perhaps your elected representatives can rename the county back to Burma for a day or 2 then call EA.
They will never know they have been snookered:)

When it requires flipping a switch and a product that in no way can be related to the loss of America life or property. Yes.

Please tell me that's a joke.

EDIT: @AngryNun Jesus Fuck, how can they not know where Pacific Ocean is. What do they learn at school if they don't even know the most basic things.

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It might not be that high but no not a joke.

Its also into a country where a single $60 EA game is 5% of the average citizens GDP...

I don't think they're especially hard pressed on the financial front either.


When I was on the USS Stein FF-1065 as we approached the equator as a joke we told the new guys to go to the bow and report back on the sound powered phones to the bridge when the spotted a dotted white line in the ocean.

Almost as funny as telling someone to go to the fire room and get 20 feet of fallopian tube.


My first time underway, my LPO had me searching for "Mess-Line" for about 3 hours lol.

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They have to do region pricing and see what happens to the economy first? They have to verify a stable payment portal first? Or they're just being EA...