EA banning Linux gamers?

EA is Permanently Banning Linux Gamers on Battlefield V ?

Nothing new and it’s probably just an automated system.
IMO can’t really blame them either. They don’t officially support it and the Anti-Cheat engines only look for changes system and API files. Since WINE files are obviously different then Genuine Windows files, they will always get triggered.


Time to start digging into virtualization and PCI-E passthrough, my friend.


They were, up until january, i don’t know if they tweaked their verification system since then, but i doubt they would.

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That’s what I use, but it’s just a matter of time till it’s detected and I’m banned too.
Well, for me it’s COD as well as BFV, but it’ll be the same

If you really want to play BFV then you should probably install Windows.


Hey @Axe

I edited your thread title to be bit more descriptive.

Makes me think about rocket league dropping Linux. It’s almost as if the benefits of Linux are it’s weakness for getting dev support. But dual boot is always an option for op pci passthrough seems not worth it imo

@Trooper_ish I don’t think a full fat Windows VM can be easily detected. Especially if you tell the host to trick the guest into believing it is the host. Anti-cheat software may be able to if it doesn’t detect input devices. I don’t play COD or BF, but even if I did, I probably wouldn’t worry, because I have a whole SSD, a GPU (connect to 2nd monitor input) and a pcie usb card (in which I got kb+touchpad and controller plugged) passed to windows. I use the VM as I would a physical PC, change input devices and output on the screen.

@mutation666 dual booting sucks, having to reboot your system is a PITA. If I have enough resources (which I don’t really, but I do get by with them), I prefer to virtualize and never restart my system, unless there’s kernel updates to do. I also never turn off my Windows VM either, but back when I wasn’t using virtualization, I just hated Windows rebooting by itself, now it’s not that big of a problem.

I was considering getting a 8Core Ryzen APU sometime in future and attempting this solution. Still not entirely sure if it will be worth it. Plus I’ve heard of developers banning people who use virtual pc’s also!

*If they can detect it. There’s way’s to hide the supervisor. See also nvidia’s bullshit 43.


Right on. Thanks.

Precisely that.

Essentially, if you plan on playing online multiplayer competitive games - you need to be aware that running on unsupported platforms will most likely trigger anti-cheat mechanisms.

However, i’ve more or less banned/boycotted EA in general after their treatment of various franchises and smaller development teams over the years.


happy to say EA free since BF4 sad to have to boycott the game devs over the publisher but EA can kick rocks.

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Yes, passthrough is worth it to me. Depends on your budget and setup requirements.

Also, some games even trigger bans in passthrough rigs. I remember people getting Destiny 2 bans over passthrough, but it is what it is.

No one is surprised., Origin is shit, just play on steam.

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if you don’t like it, stop buying games with shitty DRM


Really? Haven’t seen anything about that, damn…

One would think since it’s on Steam and Stadia now that D2 would be a little friendler with Linux but… yeah.
Gotta be honest it’s a game I sort of miss sometimes, would like to login and just see what changed since I last played but… eh. Can live without it.

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it’s not DRM, it’s the OS the game was designed to run on. Nobody has to like it, but it’s the reality of the situation.

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It’s still just as boring and grindy.

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