E8400 vs I7 920

So, I've been planning to get this computer of my dreams for a long time... AND THEN i7 COMES AND FUCKS IT ALL UP! rofl.

The thing is, I'm oh so poor and I've finally got the plans for what used to be a good pc. Then i7 charges in and makes my e8400 takes a dirt nap before I even get it! ARRRRRGH!

I'm soooo pissed cuz before now I didn't see any micro atx board that would fit in the lanbox lite anyway (my chosen case) so it was kind of a relief - then this piece of shit shows up!


I guess this is more like a rant than anything else but I'll try to ask something somewhere. I don't intend to do anything other than gaming on my Lanbox Lite. I could care less that I can encode a movie in half the time with an i7 processor. What I want to know is about how soon would you estimate that an e8400 will become the bottleneck for gaming rather than the graphics card. Keep it mind that in the lanbox I don't have watercooling so I'm pretty much limited to stock speeds (unless someone knows of a good low profile/low noise cooler). I know as it is that the e8400 trails behind quite a few processors in gaming anyway but I just wanna know how long you think it will be before it would REALLY limits my gaming.

The rig I'd planned to build had these specs:

Lanbox Lite

Blue Orb II


Caviar Black 1TB

TT Purepower W0144RU PSU

ATI 4870 1GB

Think about it man.. are you really building this to play games or just for the sake of being an up to par badass? I know for a fact I just like being up to par.. if you're just playing games I don't see why the E8400 wouldn't suffice and save you a little cash.

I myself am just going to a AMD PII 720 @ 2.8

He is 100% right.

None of the current cpu's went lower in performance, just because some new ones comes out ;)

Yeah dude, i7 is still a great value though it shits on everything when there are Core 2s that are more expensive than it. But for someone on a budget you have to factor in X58 and DDR3, so I say a pretty good 775 would be nice, maybe a Q67 or better, nahmean word?

I guess you guys are right - it's not like bringing in a new processor made the e8400 worse that it is. Well then - onward to the E8400!

AMD, my friend. =D

Xezmer wrote 22 minutes ago »

AMD, my friend. =D


How about Core i7 920 with the RAMPAGE II GENE X58 or DFI LKANPARTY JR X58



well if your pore and probaly cant upgrade for a while

try to get a i7 for future proofin

Isn't the box supposed to say Frag[b]S[/b] more? Not Frag more?



Get an E8400 man. I have one and honestly it does the job more than ok. You don't need an i7 just for gamming.

fuck i7

with microATX you couldnt have 2 cards though

SLI_boy wrote 5 hours ago »

with microATX you couldnt have 2 cards though

yes you can it's just really tight though.