e5200 Overclock

Currently I have my E5200 at 3.1Ghz from its stock 2.5Ghz. I am using SetFSB to overclock since my mobo doesn't support it. If I try to put the FSB up anymore it crashes. Is this because of the Voltage being to low? Or some other reason. I get a max temp of 57C from previous testing. So I know it is a stable temp. I am currently using the stock cooler but I am getting a Antec 620 so I want to find out what is wrong so I can overclock higher.

Here is a screencap:


I would first suspect it to be the voltage. The maximum safe 24/7 voltage is 1.4V in the bios. See if you can adjust that with your software.

show a screencap of the memory tab, and you can pin mod it to increase "stock FSB" and "stock voltage"

Memory screencap: http://i.imgur.com/1s3tm.jpg

Also how do I pin mod it?



you're going to need a circuit writer pen, and some electrical insulating tape

your ram is getting too fast, either your memory controller can't handle that fast or your ram can't handle that fast.

pin modding makes the motherboard think that the CPU's stock FSB is higher like a higher grade CPU, like from 200 to 266, and it should reduce the ram multiplier accordlngly thus more stable

Is this the only possible solution to my problem? Or is there another software that I could use?

Well, thanks for the help! I am going to try this pinmod soon! :)

alternative solutions

  • buy a motherboard with overclocking features, I would get one with DDR3, you can get 4GB for under 20 bucks
  • if your motherboard has an nvidia chipset, use Nvidia tools with ESA support to loosen ram timings
  • there is also clock gennerator, but that won't fix a lack of voltage or too high ram freqeuncy


that guy has your same CPU so make yours just like his and you'll be golden, but before you do, look up your computer and see if it supports a 1066 FSB Cpus, because it basically turns your CPU into one, if you don't know how just post a screen cap of the main board tab


your in luck, it supports up to 1333 FSB!


pin mod away, please take pictures and post results if you can!