E5200 Overclock question

So for Christmas I am getting basically everything except a CPU,Mobo, and RAM. So I have to stick with my old E5200, but the good thing about this processor is that its so overclockable.

So Christmas I am getting a CPU cooler so I can overlcock it, so it won't bottleneck as much. I am getting the Thermaltake Frio with 2 130mm fans. What kind of overlcoks do you think I could acheive?

Cooling shouldn't be an issue for you with that cooler on that cpu, provided you dont try push things too far. 

You may want to check that your mainboard allows you to alter your chip's core voltage though, if it does not then you may not be able to overclock all that much.

at a glance the E5200 seems to do 3 - 3.5ghz with a few chips going much higher than that, I dont have any experience overclocking one myself, so i cant say with complete certainty.

I will try my best to answer any further questions nonetheless :)