E2200 overclocked from 2.2 Ghz to 2.93 Ghz. What w

I was thinking going with the Radeon HD 4650.

well what games and settings do you plan on playing at? i cant reccomend a 4650 at all, get a gts 250, or something similar

4650's are terrible for gaming.

Well I'm playing at 1024x768. It's stable at 2.6 Ghz though.

Well, since your resolution is so low, you should try a GTS 250. One of those should get the job done.

looks like you're in the $50 range for cards.


Price is $62.99, but 42.99 after mail in rebate

Best card in that price range.

GTX 295!!!!!!!!!! Lol, would be fun to see some benches :P

BIG NEWS!!!! I might be getting a Zotac 9800 GT and a 500w PSU!!!!

Sounds like a damn fine purchase, however if possible I would go 600 watt just to allow for future CPU upgrades.

I might get a Q6600 for my birthday in 6 months, so that sounds good.

I might get a Q6600 for my birthday in 6 months, so that sounds good.

WHYYYY OH WHYYY would you get a q6600 ?! Get a better quad.

Most motherboards that were out around the e2200 time do not support 45nm quad cores. However 45nm dual cores are very possible, the 680i is one example of this, circuitry is not right for 45nm quads.

dont get the q6600 there are better cup out there for about the same price like the q9505 2.83 ghz and its very overclockble. but if you got the cash go for the i7 much much more faster for about $50 more than the quad but the memory and the motherboard would also cost more. and make sure your current motherboard can run the the quad they are socket lga 775.

A cheap core i7 system costs about 480 USD, a good socket 775 will cost like 300 tops.

I really don't think you guys understand what it's like being poor.........

I know you said that in the beginning, thats why I said core i7s are too much. Q6600 will get the job done just fine!

Where i live, the Q9550 is cheaper than the Q6600? I think it's the same here, why not get that one instead?

Well I don't know if his motherboard would support a 45nm quad, if it's an Nvidia 6 series, then it will not support 45nm quad cores.

Well... I had my dad's P4 off the socket 2 weeks ago... and the CPU had PINS, like... AMD CPU's have...

And I don't believe Q6600 have pins... so that's a new motherboard as well, riiight...?

Dude, Intel Core 2 Duo are down on prices. Almost like AMD Athlon x2 prices. An E7300 is a sweet deal where I (and Danish Guy) lives. And if you're getting a quad-core, you'll also need a better GPU, for not missing the real power...

I'm a half-poor gamer/enthusiast, and I've been living without my system since September... just because I'm going i7...
But that's a longer story, to keep it short.