E-Ink Monitor Indiegogo


It already reached well over it's goal, but I'm predicting it to be pretty bad in practice as a PC monitor.

so its just a 13.3" e-reader screen? Not exactly a new thing.....

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Oh shit that is such a good idea. Like backlit and shit, diff colors, and they can be made so cheaply too!!

cool, but $900+ retail????

I wonder could you hack some kindles to make a superior version of this for less?
Like take four apart, line up the screens and mod the displays to act as one.

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Wouldn't have the "PC monitor" capabilities of this thing, which is very minimal at that

The E-Ink display would need to be at least 17 inches for me to take it seriously as something I would use regularly and still be practical and not a novelty.

Then it would cost like $1500, We need OLED so badly.

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I'm just waiting for OLED too
they have the tech already too

All I need in my life is a 40" 4k OLED HDR Free-sync display that can also function at 120hz 1080p, that also doesn't suffer from burn in

and it needs to cost less than 5 kidneys

check this out