E-350D performance?

When using a E-350D, what type of performance would you get on current games and emulators? Online video playback(Youtube,Flash)?

I'm looking at this board in particular.

I'm hoping to buy this board as a HTPC that is able to run older games and maybe some newer games at a low resolution for some on-the-couch gaming. I've seen this board being at about the same level as a mid-high range Intel Core Duo, and the graphics card at around maybe a 5450. Any feedback would be appreciated!:)



I'm not too sure. I have a much weaker version on a netbook, the C-60, which is a 1GHz dual-core with a 1.33GHz Turbo and weaker iGPU that also turbos. I'm more or less happy with the chip, but it's definetely held back by the CPU. Every game I tried was bottlenecked by the CPU, so I never got to fully test the GPU except in Furmark. It can handle Fallout 3 with playable frames. It can, however, playback 1080p video without a hitch (though not in flash as it pegs the CPU too much), and I could play some older games like Rome Total War.

The E-350 is at 1.6GHz, and armed with a more powerful GPU, I think the chip will perform very well for your purposes, but it's a lot of speculation on my part. However, according to Notebookcheck.net, the E-350 scores 27% faster than the C-60 in both single and multithreaded benchmarks of Cinebench R10, and 28% higher in 3DMark06.

this cost about $10 more and over double performance



The reason I was wondering was because the E-350D was on sale with a case for 80$. I thought it would be a nice little thing to tinker with:)


if you need a case and PSU, you should get one of the foxconn barebone systems


I like how one of the reviewers said "Ivy not supported out of the box"

If power, heat, and noise aren't issues, then I'd agree, the desktop APU would be a better best. However, in most media PC's, those are key issues, and that can make E-350 a better candidate.