Dynamic Website Question (with custom database backend for content)

I have a personal collection of items I want to share on the web. For insurance purposes I have created my own inventory using a 3rd party solution - but I can export the DB in CSV format. I then can make create scripts for mySql/Sql Server/etc. to import those rows into a new DB. As a result, I was thinking I would like to find a webhost that would support backend-driven SQL content but I’m having a very rough time figuring out how to display the list of items on one page (with pagination, image gallery option would be cool as well) with a templated page that pulls the content from the database.

This has to be fairly simple in theory to do. I used to write ASP.NET apps when I first graduated from college. It’s been 20 years since I’ve really dabbled in web development. I have an eCommerce site hosted by Rebel with Weebly as the CMS. I figured I could use something similar but I don’t plan on selling anything on this site so I don’t want to pay for all the product/commerce features if I don’t have to.

My collection is all AMD-related items and I already have hundreds of images indexed by serial numbers and I’m currently populating my private database with metadata about each item. Any help would be appreciated.

Lastly, any jargon I should be using that would help my searches would be appreciated. It’s hard to find relevant information when all I know is to search for ‘dynamic content’ and ‘database’. I’ve found some videos on YouTube that are somewhat helpful but they all seem to use the terms ‘post’, ‘block’, etc. which to me seem like terms that are geared for leveraging the built-in blog DB most hosts provide.

Additionally, I don’t want to host this myself because the idea of a second copy off-prem would be nice. As for budget, I would be willing to spend a few hundred dollars a year and I’m technically capable of writing/modifying code myself. I just don’t have a lot of time so I’d be willing to spend some money to save myself the pain of going completely custom.