Dynamic vs. Standard Contrast

Hey guys , this question may sound stupid but I want to build a new PC and I am shopping for a new monitor , the thing is that I found two that meet my criteria (tight budget) , but don't know which one to buy , all the specs are the same except for the fact that the dynamic contrast on the first one is 100.000.000 to 1 , on the second is 20 000 000 to 1 while the standard contrast on the first one is 1000 to 1 and on the second is 3000 to 1 . Which do you think it's more important dynamic or standard ? Have to mention that I will use it for gaming / media consumption.

Dynamic constrast basically means how dark the pixel can get compared to how bright is can get. The reason the number is so high is because of marketing. huh? When measuring dynamic you can turn the pixel off. Thus making it infinitely darker/brighter than the pixel next to it. Different companies roll this around in the marketing and sell it you.

standard is what the rea constrast is without turning pixels on or off. High = better

Thank's man ! The dynamic contrast kinda' sounded like a marketing thing :)