DXVK Install Support Requred

I am trying to install DXVK using this link however when i get to the step where i use Pacman, i get the error that pacman command not found. I think i am doing everything right. I am using a GTX 1060, i7 7700k on Ubuntu 18.10.

[email protected]:~$ sudo pacman -S vulkan-icd-loader lib32-vulkan-icd-loader
sudo: pacman: command not found

I installed Ubuntu 3 days ago, so if you know the solution, please could you explain it simply.

pacman is the package manager for Arch linux. You are not on Arch. Use/find the tutorial for Ubuntu instead.

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Here is the DXVK info page (from lutris)

Of particular note:

" Since Ubuntu 18.04 ships with LLVM 6.0, which is not supported by DXVK, you must add the stable Padoka PPA and upgrade your system for DXVK to function properly."

Please read all the documentation and don’t skip steps. it’s relatively easy to break things when doing this install, so just follow ALL the steps.

edit: made clear this doc is from lutris page

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first off.
ubuntu uses apt

if i were you and you’re going be using it as a “reliable” desktop, go with 18.04 instead since it is lts, which basically means you’re not beta testing software, and will enjoy 5 years of stable software. i had no problems installing, and running lutris, steam etc etc. except the expected, this is not windows setup problems on 18.04.
But honestly you shouldn’t have problems with 18.10 either , the only “real” difference is they changed the kernel versioning from what i read, again ubuntu uses apt-get.
Just google lutris ubuntu, and you’re 50% done.

I hate to be that guy, but apt-get is deprecated so it’s best to always recommend new users use apt. I know that both work currently but it could be a problem in the future.

Good points all around though.

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And yet you managed a whole post that there is a overlay called apt, over the apt-X functionalities used by the debian distros, just to prove me wrong.
Apt-get is still very much alive on 18.04, i use it every day.
apt, and aptitude are just a manner of flavors, which ever you’re into, hell we could discuss why even use apt when we have dpkg, which apt-X is just a overlay off, and just manually download the packages.

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I am not trying to be argumentative and certainly meant no offense. Currently it’s simply a semantic change, however there are reasons using apt in the future is better overall for newer users.

Systemd wasn’t always around either but if someone doesn’t know it now, they are going to have a hard time with the latest distros

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