DXtory limiting the game (not just the recording) to 30FPS

Please read and advise on the below - just focus on the final question please. I want to be able to use dxtory to output as a directshow device to OBS and have the GAME run at more than 30 FPS. Not the recorded video which is fine at 30 FPS (for youtube), but the game while recording - that is what I want at more than 30 FPS. Keep in mind that this is all about running OLD(ER) games on a modern PC. Your assistance is much appreciated.


So, just bought dxtory and the plan was to use it ONLY as a directshow output device for recording older games via OBS. Won't explain all the details, but this was the intent.

I regret my purchase 100%. Here's why:

1) I want to record Daikatana. Old FPS game based on the Quake 2 engine. I can run this game perfectly (FX8350 + GTX560).

2) Here's what DXTORY is showing: when not "recording"/outputting in directshow it limits the game to 60fps.

3) At any resolution starting with 1280, when recording/outputting as directshow it drops the FPS to 30. No matter what settings I use in dxtory itself in ANY of the FPS options/selectors it always goes to 30 FPS.

4) Only way I can get it to record/output video at 60 FPS is by playing Daikatana in 1024*768.

5) When I turn on OBS to record dxtory's output the FPS dips below 30.Again, irregardless of what settings I use for FPS in Dxtory OR OBS.

I find all of the above ridiculous when talking about Daikatana running on my pc.

Reason for using dxtory: OBS doesn't recognize all older games and I have to record the monitor instead of just the game and as such I cannot record the video in fullscreen/strectched 720p. Meaning that OBS won't stretch the game to be fullscreen 16:9. just a 4:3 image in the middle of the 16:9 window. Hope that made sense.

Workaround. I used a simple program named Borderless Gaming which fools games to run in a borderless "fullscreen" window meaning I can use OBS on Daikatana to record just the game and have it be in fullscreen 16:9 720p. No performance hit on the game.

I spent money on DXtory. OBS and Borderless Gaming are both FREAKIN' FREE. Sure, this combo doesn't work on all older games, but still.

Running the game in fullscreen in recording the whole monitor with OBS is a much more reasonable choice than throwing money out of the window on DXtory.

My question. Is there any damn way to get DXtory to NOT run older games at a limit of 30 FPS when used in conjunction with OBS?


You're system probley can't encode the video capture fast enough and is dropping you to 30 FPS. I also don't know why you need to run both OBS and DXtory, when DXtory can record on its own. 

dxtory's file size for recording is horrible no matter what codec I run when compared to OBS who can manage to get same quality video in much smaller sizes.

Let me make something else quite clear. I am saying that DXtory is limiting the framerate simply while outputting as a directshow device (that is with OBS turned off and with DXtory NOT recording). It is doing this (limiting the game to 30 fps while playing) no matter what settings I make in the menus.

My question is, is there any way to FORCE DXtory to stop limiting the GAME not the recorded video to 30 FPS?

OBS doesn't do this at all. It has a very negligible  performance hit on my system even while recording.

LATER POST: WEIRD. Same setup (dxtory as a directshow device, OBS recording what DXtory outputs) allows a newer Game like Tomb Raider (latest one) to run at close to 50 FPS while the recorded video is at 30.

Anyway. Let me make a statement here: if you have a 16:9 display that does 1080p natively and if you want to record footage of older games and have that be full image/screen/stretched 16:9 instead of native 4:3, don't jump the gun and get DXtory - it is kind of redundant. Plenty of FREE options out there (OBS + other software or plugins).

OBS is so easy on the resources that it simply puts something like DXtory to shame.

Are you using the default encoding that Dxtory comes with? It is not great if you are and will drag the computer down. There is a plugin to get that take a huge weight off it and the quality is still excellent.

All here just download the down load for the codec and follow the instructions in the Imgur link. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-how-to-record-with-dxtory-with-the-x264-codec

I did not bother with the LAME encoder for the audio but you can if you like the main focus of the is the video codec from Komisar.