Dxtory issues

When I record some games with dxtoroy it wont record at the frame rate I put it at... For example I will put it at 60 fps to record BF3 and it will record 20Fps at first I thought it had something to do with my HDD begin to slow but its a 7200 Rpm 1Tb with 64 MB cache.... Could it be the sata cable its self transfer the data too slow? or is it Dxtory its self?

Are you getting at least 60fps in-game?  Probably a stupid question, but just wanna make sure.  

I know with Dxtory it won't record at higher framerates if you're not getting much more FPS in your game.

it's dxtory. i get like 20 fps in game, whele recording to a ramdisk, and I get really shitty video that's less thanb 5 fps

ya i get a 100fps i turn down the AA and the game looks the same

is there any answer to this dilemma? i'm having the same problem. i just spent the money on the license and I'm beginning to get a little upset about it. The video quality is grand, but the fps hits around 18-20 in the video, max. If there is no solution to this problem, then why is this program still around? If there is another program or even a difficult solution to fixing this problem, I'd love to find out. I may even dedicate a video/website/etc to it so that anyone having this problem can get it fixed. I'll list pc specs if anyone needs to know them. I'm hoping logan makes a complete dxtory guide soon since his last video with dxtory/obs just recently came out.