DX12 Multi GPU

So when I get my new RX480 my 650ti will be just sitting arround as spare and since DX12 has support for multi GPU and I do record and edit videos should I just put my 650ti into the second GPU slot and use it as a future DX12 multi GPU card if possible use it for helping encode videos. My machine is strong enough power wise to run bolth GPUs and I can hook up one of my VGA monitors on my setup to the 650ti with a DVI to VGA adapter.

ms applying finishing touches to multi-gpu support - or so they stated on twitter.
They are going to add abstraction layer to utilize both without programmers having to worry about it.

I wouldn't get my hopes up too high, it still up to the developer to optimized it and multi-GPU would put another level of micro management for the devs.

That is what I have heard too

If they pull that off then... great times ahead :D

The pessimist in me is still waiting for them to screw it up though

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they'll likely release it with some stupid spyware crapware update. If they ever.

that would actually take away a lot of work from dev's while they can optimize for single gpu, or cf - they could simply optimize for abstraction layer where as all optimizations would be handled by microsoft, amd, nvidia for their gpu's.

That is true since the API will treat two GPUs as one GPU, however, that still leaves concern for the tier level of GPUs that can be paired with each other.

that won't be a problem, but it'll make less sense (or no sense at all) for nv to use sli bridge at all.

Not according to Science Studio, at least it depends on what your primary card is between the two. Its recommended that you use the top tier as you main display and it does how have limit as far as how low the tier of the card you can combo with.

So I can pair an R9 390 with an RX 470/480?

I wouldnt hold my breath ? No one ever got sli and crossfire down and it is unlikely that MS is going to do a good job at it also. Look at the xbox one games that can't seen to port to pc well ?