DVI cables

Hey everybody,

I recently bought a monitor which supports dual link DVI-D, but it didn't include a DVI cable. Which means I'll have to buy one myself (because my 7970 doesn't support VGA). My card supports DVI-D single link and DVI-I dual link.

My question is: Can I plug a DVI-D dual link cable into a DVI-I dual link port without any problems? I read online that you can, in fact, plug any single link DVI (both -D and -I) cable into a DVI-I port and be done, but it didn't mention anything about dual link DVI-D to dual link DVI-I.

Can somebody help my out?



Yes it will fit DVI-I is digital and analog a standard DVI cable will be fine just grab a cheap one ($6-8)

Yes I have personally done this

I found one for like 7 euros. So I'll just get that one.

Thanks for the speedy replies!