Do any of you know if you can use an old DVD-burner that was from a dell inpiron manufactured in 2008 windows vista on a new gameing PC build i am trying to save 17dollars to buy BF3 :3

as long as it's sata

Pretty sure 2008 would be sata, haha.

Yeah, should work fine. DVD's suck... We need to move away from that hardware.

The only thing optical drives are good for is installing the drivers that come with your hardware, and you're ment to download the up to date ones off the manufacturers website, unless you have tangable copy's of games there's not much point buying an optical drive, if the old drive is compatible however why not put it in?

seeing as you're on a budget however I wouldn't purchase one because i never use mine. 

the only thing is installing the operating system maybe you could lend a drive off of someone?

my opinion