DVD / BLU RAY Backup

Hello Tek world. 

  I have been trying like hell to rip dvd's and blu ray movies to my computer, all i want to do is rip these movies to my PC to watch, i dont want to burn them off. Wit what research i have done i came across dvd decrypter, handbrake, dvd fab, and Make MKV. with dvd decrypter and handbrake they can make your movies watchable but with 10 to 50 VOB files.. i have been lost after this point. All i want to do is rip these movies to my PC with only 1 file, something like DVD fab's dvd/ blu ray ripper tool, but cheaper. If anyone has any pointers it would be greatly appreciated. 

ps If i can i would like to use only 1 program, maybe 2

I have heard some people using 'DVDshrink' to get their dvd's ripped. I don't know how it works though. I haven't used it myself...


I also need to put my collection on a server, why is this so hard? please help us.


I used DVD Decrypter and had it dump the VIDEO_TS folder from the DVD (the Make Files function). I then use Handbrake and have it read the folder, then convert my DVD to a MP4 or MKV (if the DVD has DTS audio ^_^). After that I pretty much have the whole DVD in one file. So, if you can, get DVD Decrypter and Handbrake. I'll warn you, most newer DVDs don't work with DVD Decrypter, so that's where you'd get something like DVDFab or AnyDVD. Good luck.

I scripted together dvdbackup and mkisofs to dump a DVD filesystem to /tmp and then create an ISO image from that filesystem. It gives me one file which even includes special features, menus, etc. VLC plays the ISO just fine, Raspbmc also plays them, though the menus seem to have issues in my experience. Anyway I'm not sure if dvdbackup is available on Windows, but it basically does the same thing as HandBrake or DVD Decryptor. Mkisofs has a Windows port. You could make a batch file that uses the correct options for mkisofs,  then drag and drop the folder you get from HandBrake or DVD Decryptor...

Wait... HandBrake should not be giving you a bunch of VOB files... It should allow you to rip selected titles to an MKV, which I'd assume is what you'd prefer over some huge ISOs...

Try out HandBrake again, it really should be exactly what you're looking for. You probably need to install libdvdcss. Look up how to do it.