Dusty Gamers, youtube channel

Hello fellow members of the tek syndicate community, i heard you like games.

me (woolanator/wooly) and a friend (frazer) have recently just up and get our asses into gear in makeing our youtube channel, were are currently just getting started again after a long absence.

were a gaming channel trying to bring high quality footage and comedy to you. all videos are 720p and 1080p if i think its worth the extra time with the uploads (british internet) with reasonably good quality audio from what i can afford :D

the videos are either up laoded by myself or frazer, were aiming for at least a video a day if its possible around our work/college schedules. 

i would massively appreciate it if you could pass this message on and view our videos, if you enjoy please subscribe.




Looked like you had some duplicated threads, I've cleaned them up.

Not bad actually, just sounds like you need a chat to communicate with people watching.

haha you are so not Legolas... lacking pointy ears....and a second dagger...

Yay Chivalry, one of my favourite games :D I've also played a game with Logan and Pistol, it was epic to say the least.