Dustproof pc and keyboard

need something that’s win 10 pro, and is IP6x. it’s literally going in a powder coating booth, so it absolutely needs to be dustproof. i can find a keyboard, but the pc and monitor are interesting to say the least. im open to building, although the specs needed are pretty minimal (literally just web browser)

Do you need a desktop?

Probably can find a cheap tablet running windows 10 that either has that ip6x rating or case that will do it for you.

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This is the case you might wanna look into: Water & Dust Resistant PC Case - WHO NEEDS THIS?? - YouTube

Regarding peripherals I think you’re better off buying a 5$ mouse and keyboard combo from a thrift store and change it whenever it breaks intead of going for specific resistant peripherals. Keep one or two spare sets and call it a day.

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IIRC Cherry (the makers of the famed Cherry MX switches) recently acquired a company that does “disinfectable” keyboard - I assume its a water and dustproof keyboard. Probably check them out?

Also cant you just get a low profile keyboard and wrap a plastic book cover on it?

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For the monitor, maybe a box with an acrylic front or something that can be replaced when it gets messed up.

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This is for work lol.

You have some good replies here already but I gotta ask… why not use extension cables and relocate the PC outside of the booth? An optical HDMI cable and active USB cable should be all you need.

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That’s also an idea.


A few people make products similar to this with various connectivity.

Why not use an enclosure cabinet. They come in many size and are very durable.
Dust covers on the keyboard and a TouchPad mouse
Google dust free computer enclosure

Keyboard wise, these horrible things can be had for cheap:
(search term: silicone keyboard, should be about $10)

On the serious side, GETT makes some specialised keyboards for medical and bio-lab use. Link

Prime Computer makes some passively cooled PCs, might have the required rating.
Shuttle has some industrial offerings, not sure about IP ratings.

Looked into this some more:
The way you do this, is to put all the electronics into a dust/water proof box with only the IP65-rated monitor showing its front to the harsh world, then have the (wireless) peripherals talk to the computer sitting inside the box.

That’s not enough. It’s an incredibly dusty environment.

There are other industrial ones out there, I just scrapped one I had for 10 years.
It had space for a 17 inch crt monitor and a bay that held 4 large rack servers and the power supply bank.
Keyboard and TouchPad cords fed through a split grommet through sealed down when you tighten the cap.
And it came with its own ac unit.