Durable headphones for ~$20?

Ok, well I really need to get some durable headphones for when I'm at the gym! I don't want some that will break in a month, they really need to last a longtime. Also, they need to have decent sound quality (not great) and somewhat comfortable so I can keep them in my ear for 40-60 minutes without them annoying me. Alright, thanks!

You won't find anything durable for $20. Or are you talking about earphones?

If earphones are the one that goes in your ear, then yes. hahahaha I know like nothing about earphones/headphones or audio in general really.

I have a pair of earbuds(http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA08901H0059)i bought them at walmart(10$ at my walmart w/o mic 15$ with mic) for me to use with my cell phone and i have had my current pair for about 4-5 months,the last pair only broke cause i left it in my shirt and they went thru the washer and i had to hold the cord in the phone just right or else sound would only come out of one ear.

Also they have great sound quality,to me they sound than my 100$ G35 headset lol.

But if you need ones that go over your head i don't know of any that i have used that don't have a mic on them,but i do know i had one of these,http://www.amazon.com/Logitech-981-000009-Clearchat-Stereo-Headset/dp/B000OAFYVG and i have since givin it on to my mom but that headset is around 3 years old it still works great.