Durable gaming headset for under $70? [win8]

Dose anyone know of a good durable gaming headset for around that price?

I've tried: 




all three died within 6-8month.

the hd 202's cabels went bad,
and the other two had the sides of the head bands break.

I'm looking for a new one, and I saw this:

it looks perfect, but it dose not work on windows 8.
any suggestions?
souround sound would be nice, but not required.
I prefer  1/8" to usb, but both are fine.


looks very cool.
but how durable are the side bands?
they look pretty thin,
but they look to be metal, have you used them, if do for how long?

Buy a good pair of headphones, then use a table mic, a modmic or something like this:

Headsets, as a general rule, are bad. 

I personally use Logitech desktop mic placed under a monitor half a meter away from me and everyone hears me perfectly clear. I see no reason to have microphones attached to headphones. 


I have the G935 which is the wireless version. The ear cuffs are fine from what I can tell but I'm not sure what type of stress your expecting them to take? Sweat, headbanging, pets?

Dissentient that is genius, cant believe I've never thought of that..

The headset I use the mic is a little short for my liking..I bought this with a 50$ gift card I recieved for buying a xbox360 (I only played for 48 hours at most)..But it looks like the price has skyrocketed, at least at amazon..I liked the replaceable mic..

here it is i hate that it is white.