Durable Earbuds?

So my pair of earbuds that came with my HTC One M8 finally broke on me.  I'm rough with my earbuds and I basically take them everywhere I go.

I'm looking for some cheap earbuds that are really durable.  <$25 is preferred, but if there's something a little bit more expensive and good I'll go for it.  As long as sound quality is ok(most of my earbuds were earpods - the HTC earbuds had terrible microphonics) I'm fine.  Durability comes first.


This is more than double that what you are looking for but so far I am loving the Ostry KC06 that Logan had mention a while back. LINK

I throw them in my back pack, roll them up and throw them in my pocket and occasionally went running with them. They work really well and still continue to use them. Lots of accesories as well. The default ear buds hurt my ears after about an hour so I swapped them out for the mediums in the alternative set.

Well the earbuds that came with my iPod survived three washing machine runs so far. I did notice degradation in sound quality however...

If durability is your main concern, then you need not to look at "durable" iems, but rather at how you treat them. If they are only even in a case or in your ears, and you handle them appropriately, any non-defective set will last you years.