[Duplicate] Need Help Updating ASUS XG-C100C 10G Network Adapter Firmware

I’m using this card for At&t 2 Gig internet i’m not having any problems with this card other than my pc can’t see the current firmware and it won’t update to the new fimware as seen in the pic below. I tried the firmware from Asus wed

That version of the updater looks old. last time I flashed my NICs it was version 1.5.0.

if you look on Marvell’s site you can find the most recent driver and firmware update tool

There is a thread over here about changing the tool to update 3rd party cards so you dont have to get it from ASUS.

I have had to do this for a few ASUS cards and an MSI one.

How do I use the tool.

Its the exact same way as the one you got from ASUS, just a newer version.
And after re-reading your post, why are you trying to update the firmware if it is working fine?