Dumbest/Funniest mistakes you have ever made on BSD/Linux/UNIX

I have a few such as mispelling things in the command line
or using rm -rf in bad places

OR editing the error reply for the terminal to

LOLs... im curious to know some of the communities
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When I was a bit wet behind the ears, I used to turn off compiler warnings in makefiles and do type conversion in kernel space.

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Howd that work out for ya (MEGA :P)

Accidentally rm something. No backup.


used dd on the wrong drive...



Accidentally removed root permissions from root because I copied the wrong command from a stack overflow thread by not paying attention.


Installing it.

ducks for cover


A few years ago I managed to run ":(){ :|: & };:" started a chain reaction that eventually made my system come to a halt. Later I learned it's called a fork bomb. Warning: do no try to run that command! :)


I ran
'sudo chmod 777 -R /'
'sudo chown non-root -R /'


'crontab -r' gets me every now amd then.

The other day I managed to accidentally uninstall my graphics drivers.


yorking permissions on a data drive and setting every file to the same thing including making them executable.

I was working on migrating 15 year old code to Ubuntu 12.04 servers for a company my father-in-law works at and manually had to copy 40 line commands from a legal pad to the new servers. I got to one that just wouldn't work and couldn't figure out why. Spent 7 hours overlooking the code line by line and figured out that there is a key that's not a quote mark like so - ' - but on the tilde key like so -`- . I still lose sleep over that.

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*laughs and facepalms at same time

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Staying up too late and deleting my /home folder. Yeah that was not a good day, thank goodness for backups!
Another time I was hosting a MineCraft server for some friends and family and I deleted the wrong script and I didn't have a backup. Spent the next few hours making a new one with auto back up and auto restart. Once I moved some files and somehow they are got deleted? Still don't know what I did to cause that. Again more scripts. sigh

Here is mine:

I was working on my box and suddenly, I wanted to resize my partitions, my / was nowhere near full and my /home was cluttered.
The drive was on the ext3 file system. Picture me, not wanting to google and having my cocky, "I know this" attitude. Opening a terminal, resizing the LVM partition, get's back to work...

The only little problem is that when you are running ext3, or any other stupid main file system of the time, you first had to resize your filesystem before resizing the partition. Ottherwise, the FS thinks that it still has space there, and all the things that you are currently doing are messed up :P....
So, here I was, massive data corruption, programs not responding, dmesg panic, /boot's data was corrupted and you know the worse? I never backed sh*t up, lesson of the day, indeed...


Not directly Linux's fault as it turns out, but I thought I had fucked IP bad.

Back then we only had one home computer, it was probably the most expensive tech thing we had and it was a P4 Dell with Win XP. I got into some very basic Linux and installed Ubuntu along side windows. Somehow did not mess it up got the partition done in live boot mode then installed Ubuntu and away I went happy as could be.

The next day turn on the PC and beep.

Oh shit. Hmmm. Turn it off and on again.


Damn where is that OS


Damn damn.

I thought that was the end. I was done for around here.

So turns out the day before I was teaching my self about the parts if the PC, you know taking them.out looking atbthem plugging them back in and all that fun, I was young.

Turns out I had forgotten to reseat one of the RAM sticks properly. I was unaware the needed that much force to snap the clips closed. Reseated it properly and away I went to fuck up the grub another day.


I was running gnome 3 and I wanted to use nemo instead of nautilus.

For what ever reason nautilus would always remain the default file manager. I knew there were some things I could do, but I wanted to see if I could simply delete nautilus and get away with it.

I am not really sure if I would count this as a mistake because I did not know what would happen, and I was aware I could break something.

Well it turns out I broke everything.....sooooo yeah.

I just decided to say screw it and I formatted the system so that I could try out a clean install of plasma 5.2

I was cleaning up some old kernels because my /boot was full. I accidentally deleted the one I booted off of. that was fun trying to recover from.

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When I was learning Linux, I don't know how many times I messed up Grub and reinstalled Linux before I realized you could fix it fairly easily. Also did some dumb things with dd, luckily not the "erase the wrong disk kind" but filled a disk up with a copy of itself.

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