Dumb RAM Question of the day?

OK so bare with me here, I'm going to stick my foot in my mouth lol.

If I want to run a 16 GB Quad channel RAM hit for my X99 board, but I want to have two pairs of RAM in different colors, can I just buy the two separate kits in the desired colors? Or is there something specific about the Quad channel kits when you buy all 4 sticks together?

Thanks for the help.

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You can generally mix and match RAM all you want, it'll just run at the lowest speed, not that the speed matters for anything.

I would buy same make, model, speed, just want two pairs each a different color and wanted to make sure I'm not going to run into any issue for whatever reason.

When you buy the RAM do you buy the fastest speed recommended for the CPU on it's specs, or whatever is the fastest the MOBO can handle?

The speed really doesn't affect anything outside of integrated graphics performance. So just buy whatever is cheapest generally.

Ok thanks. I saw some benchmarks saying for X99 the higher speed ram made a difference so thought I would ask.

This question is just:

It'll be fine, lol. If you're grabbing kits that are identical in spec you'll be absolutely fine.

Wait no the colours might clash and oh god the fashion police might impound your PC.

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x99 generally has problems going over 2400Mhz and can require a lot of tinkering.

You can laugh all you want but it will look nice when it's done :)

Ah good to know thanks.

The difference is negligible. You see like a 2 frame jump in intensive games going from 2400 to 2800+1. Get 2400mhz ram and try lowering the latency.

make sure timings and clocks are same.

Maybe some like super heavy physics processing, but that's about it, can ya link em?

Of course

Will have to look again but yeah i think it was productivity stuff.

Good to know though because the DDR4 in the higher speeds gets expensive quick, but the 2133 stuff is not too bad.

There was a video a while back where linus ran over gaming performance with DDR3 from like 1333-2400Mhz, after 1600 for gaming there was zilch, I think some things benefited from 1866+ but then it just sorta flattened out.

with skyalke the top end stuff made a difference maybe I am just confusing it with that........

Definitely don't mix red and orange ram... They murdered each other when I was nine and now I live in Louisiana with a Turtle.


What's the turtle called?


Damn, sorry about your RAM. Hope you and Gullible are alive and happy though.

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