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DUI with auto-pilot/smart-summon?

DUI with auto-pilot/smart-summon?
This is totally rhetorical. Just putting it out there for people to think about…

under current US law if you are behind the wheel (even with driver less car mode) and are above the local BAC limit you get a dui to put it clearly. while this is just due to out dated law


You can get a DUI on a horse… so yeah


No its not. Tesla autopilot is not completely autonomous. People should always be awake behind the wheel and also not impaired. I respect peoples freedom to do what they want up to the point they pose a significant risk to others


there are different levels of autonomous and user input need teslas are shit at this but dont throw out a entire batch cause one bad one

Until it is to the point that it has quad 9’s reliability and fully autonomous people should not be allowed to drink behind the wheel


i agree
edit brain fart and change and not got fliped and i think im dying it was so much better before i typed this

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There was a very serious discussion about cars having breathalysers fitted to them to start them here (Ireland). It has been shelved as far as I know due to outrage, data safety, invasion of privacy and all that goes with the idea, including just plain practical viability.

It is a nice idea in a perfect world, but we don’t live in one. I am with @Heimdallr until it is reliable beyond all foreseeable consequence it should and hopefully will be illegal to drive impaired.

But it sure does not help when fucking Google demo a self driving car bringing a blind guy to get taco bell.

Edit: You can be damn sure that when we get to that point of reliability, drunk or not, you will not be allowed to drive the car yourself any more because then person will be the danger at that stage compared to the autopilot.

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What about vehicles that don’t have controls? Like, I know teslas have steering wheels and pedals, but what if it was just like a driverless taxi, where you put the destination on a display and press go? That’s the way I imagine self-driving cars in the future. (which is why I don’t want one)

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You can justify that the horse knows the way home so it isn’t a DUI anymore.

At least in MI you can lel.

To OP: Ok, drink at home. /dab/

Can you be drunk on a bus? If the answer is yes then you can be drunk in this situation

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Oh really? That’s interesting.

I’d love to watch that argument in court.

wins case, proceeds to down a fifth of jack and hop on his horse.


If you can’t, then I’m wanted in the UK.


That is how imagine it will be too. Insurance first will price traditional cars out of ownership and then I imagine laws will follow when the cars hit critical mass and it is not a huge problem for everyone to have one.

It sucks but just maybe in the not to so far fetched future people will appreciate race tracks and race days, private roads where you can drive like the good old days and not be a danger to others on the road. Though it will still be a padded cell on wheels that brings you there and back.

Edit to add: @sgtawesomesauce I believe it actually is illegal just tolerated as long as you are not being a douchecanoe.

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Hmmm, I suppose that’s fair. What is it, public intoxication laws or something?

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As far as I know. I remember it being a big thing when they banned it on the tube and trains.

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Oh god, no. How the fuck will enthusiasts do it?

Like, you can still have a horse, why can’t you still have a car?

I can imagine. I spent a week in London and wasn’t sober for 5 minutes. The drinking culture there is pretty serious.

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You know it is bad when me the Irishman agrees.

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IDK. Got me out of a traffic stop with my parents and their friends.

lol what?