Duel monitor question

if you have a duel monitor set up, would first person gaming be a bit weird due to the monitor boarders?

is it possible to assign one monitor for the game and the other monitor used free to open applications for example facebook, skype, youtube etc at the same time? 

need help as i am planning on doing a build and wondering if it is worth it. ( saves money too )


You can use a second display for other applications, whilst you use the first for gaming.

If you want to play a game on multiple monitors, you will need three monitors for surround. Otherwise, the centre of your field of view will be between the displays.

jack, unless you put the monitors in surrpound mode, games will play on your primary scree... the one with the taskbar

ah right. so i would be able to have a game on one monitor and and say facebook on the other monitor when the monitors are connected onto one GPU? unless i enable full surround taking up two monitors. yes? just clarifying.  would it decrease the frame rate on the game if i did this? 

With applications like Facebook, it won't have any real impact on your GPU. Probably your CPU you should worry about. Don't have lots of programs/pages open in numerous windows, for the sake of it.

cos im also planning on getting an asus radeon HD 7850. would that GPU cope with what i am wanting to do?as well as a intel core i3. would that be able to cope with mid intensity gaming such as battlefield 3 or assasins creed?


You can play those games. However, if you haven't built this rig yet, I would advise against the i3. I can configure a build for you?

The i3 is only a dual core, you can get a hexa-core (6 cores) for the same price. Gotta do your homework.

Bah, Don't listen to him, run ten windows of minecraft, 3 facebook pages. and just for good measure make sure you have 42 copies of the teksyndicate website open at all times.

(I'm joking of course, most modern cpus can handle many webpages open and playing games, the only thing you might want to watch out for is ram usage with many windows open.)


I said "programs" too


well the rig that i originally had in mind is

motherboard: asus p8z77-v pro 

GPU: asus radeon HD 7850

RAM: corsair vengence 8gb (2x8gb=16gb total)

and for the processor i dont know. any suggestions.

will that be able to cope with the duel monitor thing i would be wanting to do?

Budget? :D

 EDIT: Also extra monitors put the smallest strain on a graphics card like that 

Double edit: At that price (Asumming your just gaming with it) you dont need 16gb of RAM.

well i live in a different country. so my buget is around $750 (converted currency) 

OS included or no?

Seems Mich has entered the competition for budget builds. I must admit, I am not particularly good with small budgets. You should consider the FX6300 (AMD), it is the same price as the i3. It's not unlike newcomers to favour Intel, but you would be silly to go with Intel with your needs.

Post your budget AND region (US or UK).

It would still help to post your actual country. I might live there/nearby/pcpartpicker.com has some wizardry

Not sure if the Mail in reabtes apply where you live, but if they do take the 30 mins to save $60 


no no no no no! You can't have a CM PSU, what are you thinking?!

I won't allow it.

Other than that, it is more or less what I would have chosen.

Fine fine fine http://pcpartpicker.com/p/12Q7F

i already have most of the parts to go with it 

an OS is not included. win have a win 7 disc and optical drive and a high end sound card.

Ye so my budget is $750 and I live in Malaysia.  I'm British thou :D

And BTW OP, that 7870 XT runs like a 7950. This will boost performance beyond your GPU/CPU configuration. Well worth the money.

Edit: if you do not need the OS, you could boost to an 8350. Then you only need to upgrade the GPU at a later time, and you've got yourself a 4 year rig.