Ducky Shine III VS Corsair k95

Why do YOU think I should go towards one over the other? I was looking at the k95 until I saw the Ducky Shine which looks AWESOME. That and it's supposed to be high quality. But the k95 is all aluminium and I get macros.


So what do you personally choose and why? 

personally I would get the K95 because of the looks and the wrist rest it has when you are spending $150 on a keyboard they are going to all be pretty good.  I just think the corsair keyboards are the best looking keyboards is all.  But really let the switch type let you deside that is the most important part is getting the switches you like.

Remember Corsair paint their caps black.

Ducky has real black plastic caps.

if that is relevant to you...that's about the only thing that sets them apart. Idk if corsair lasers the keys..but ducky do

Build quality on both is on par. 

Corsair aluminum vs Duckys High quality plastic


note: Duckys interior design is MUCH more durable than that of corsair. you can kill people with Duckys and it will still function as it is meant to.


Also conciser Filco. they are a high quality brand too


Im debating on my next keyboard. was going to get k70. but learned about Filco and Ducky, and now im Looking into getting a Filco 87 key brown or red. The Quality of the keyboards has convinced me to ignore these commercial brands such as corsair and steelseries.

Haven't tried Ducky :( But I love my k90 if it's any consolation. Macro keys are nice even if it's just to state GG or Happens / np (after being team killed which happens more on pc than xbox not to rage though...) I am really happy with all my corsair products so far and am debating about picking up a mouse through them next. I'd actually look around and try to find a k90 on sale... Unless you absolutely need the couple things the 95 brings to the table...

I went through the same debate when I was looking for a new keyboard. I went with the Ducky because the light show sold me. Hardest part was deciding which switches I wanted.

Basically one of the main factors is, do you use macros? I never did so I don't miss the added bulk from my old blackwidow. 

I wouldn't buy a backlit keyboard but between those two I'd get Ducky. Although I personally prefer tenkeyless keyboards because I don't use numpad. 

Get K95 if you need macro keys.