Ducky Shine 3 Alternative

I am planning on picking up a new keyboard this week and had my heart set on the Shine 3 but cannot seem to find the model i want in stock anywhere. I am looking for a Cherry MX blue keyboard with white LED back light. I might be okay with blue back light however i would prefer white as I am looking for the lighting to be more functional than for the looks.  

Where might i be bale to find a shine 3? 

And what are you other suggestions for a MX blue keyboard?  I would like to stay under 150$ 



The Ducky Shine 3 is one of the best mechanical keyboards on the market.  A little on the boutique side but very well constructed and atm my personal favorite mechanical keyboard.

I know that you can't go wrong with Corsair, Cooler Master, Mionix, Das, Filco, and brands of those sorts.  Most of them offer just about every cherry switch.  With a nice construction, and a sturdy feel

If you're looking for a basic Keyboard layout then id say the Ducky, Das , and Cooler Master are the ones i would suggest.  If you're looking for gaming needs like macro keys or recording you might want to look at the Corsair keyboards.  The nice thing about Cherry MX Blues is that along with the Reds, they're quite common so you have a vast choice.