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DualBoot on Surface Laptop 3

Laptop Surface 3 (intel).
Just installed Manjaro on my laptop .
Having issues with secure boot.
Is there any thing i can do to fix

First of all, elaborate on your aforementioned issues. We can then go from there.


I am going out on a limb and saying that this might prove to be helpful if you have some time to spend learning how to do it.

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Describe your issue please and point us to what guide you used.

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Thank you.
The issue that I’m having is with shim and mokutil. I know that it’s the next step for the signd certificate.
Have been reading the manjaro wiki. But going over my head. Hoping to find out more with shim and mokutil.

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Okay. I am about to go to sleep, but I am not familiar with those. I would suggest to check the arch wiki [] Since Manjaro is bases on arch. My go to wikies are Arch and the Gentoo wikies.


Have read the arch wiki on secure boot and have been reading the reddit on linux on surface devices. So i dont know if ive missed any thing.
Is there any commands that i can use to confirm, or to find any errors i might have.

Probably. I have neverneeded to turn on secureboot. Ill look into it.

i feel like im getting somewhere now.
I’ve created teh Mok.cer and the MOK.key.
I can see the MOK management on boot but when i boot in secure boot i get a message “Verifcation failed (0x1A) Security Violation”.