Dual XFX R9 390X Passthrough or crossfire in Ubuntu and Debian HELP!

@wendell I know own 2 XFX R9 390X one is DD Black Edition the other is DD Black both with 8gigs of DDR5 , I wanting to get Crossfire Operational in Ubuntu and i Also have a Debian Testing im wanting the Same thing with . I also want to setup a Pass though on a Separate install to Play Win games in my Linux! Any help would be appreciated they are not Identical GPU’s but they work in Crossfire with Win10 … the only differance between the two cards is Factory clock of the Black is 1050 where the BE has factory clocked @ 1090!

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Kay so pass them both through and crossfire will work but crossfire on Linux isn’t a thing afaik? I never tried it anyway.

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How can i Do that?
i read that crossfire requires the Prop drivers to activate crossfire in Linux, and it still will only work on certain Games that support it like Dirt Rally and Doom! Just trying to make the best usage of the New GPU Power i have we have Radeon-profiler installed and operational it sees both GPU’s and i can control them but no way to crossfire or tie them together!

Thanks for your Help I am from the MakuluLunux.com Community and we have several asking about these things so i am trying to Learn what it takes and if its possible! I have a FX9590 so i have Plenty of PCI Lanes i think 32! You should Check out Our Live Forum Pop in and See us! We are Out of the Box Linux Users!

here and im also wondering if it will work with todays AMD Kernel Drivers im running 5.0.10

Ohh yeah on the old proprietary drivers. I did that but it feels like so long ago

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Yea its allot of trouble to go through
for a boost on certain Games but being able to Max all Graphics settings on 4k is worth it to me! i have a 4.15 driver i can install Via UKUU to do that with we added for computers that don’t support the built in drivers!

I forgot to mention the reason i now have the Second GPU i was looking on Ebay for Fans for the Black Edition and seen it with Make Offer Used for Parts he said it wouldn’t boot Past bios and i noticed the factory stickers was still on the heat sink screws and made a Offer of $60 he took it and like i figured it only needed thermal paste replaced cleaned and installed Arctic Silver 5 and it now works Like a New one!!!

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@wendell The current OS im on is a Testbed Makulu Ubuntu Core 64bit based on 18.04 i have Kernel 5.0.11 installed Via UKUU
we are Developing ! not released to public yet but in the Process your welcome to test some of our Test builds if you want and give us a opinion on what you like and think it needs!

The Debian Testing version has already been released and works well!

I just set up two Win steam games Via Proton in our steam installed on UCore and it works well! The Crew is the Next Game im testing out of Win steam!

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Yea there is no newer Post about it so i need to make some i guess!

crossfire is not supported in Linux, it’s a windows only driver feature.

At least from what i have seen and my own experience with crossfire.

Don’t bother anyway. Even on Windows crossfire is not worth it - you’ll spend more time tweaking game settings to try and make them run properly than you will playing.

Yea but being able to run Ultra Graphics settings 4k @60fps is worth it to me!!!

Just buy a (single) higher end card then.

Trust me, crossfire is a pain in the ass and doesn’t work far more often than it does. I’ve got 2x Vega64s and i gave up. In Windows. Even games that list crossfire support such as Ghost Recon Wildlands either get poor scaling or sometimes (in the case of Wildlands) - NEGATIVE scaling and perform WORSE with 2 cards than with ONE. And flickering textures and other wierd issues occasionally, to boot.

The hardware (both cards) is fine - they’re running perfectly in seperate boxes now.

Also, some settings included in “Ultra” are not crossfire compatible (MUST be turned off or the game either runs 3fps in the case of Witcher 3, or doesn’t render properly) in some games anyway and cause stuttering, flickering textures or other rendering issues. So even if you make crossfire work, chances are as good as not that you won’t be able to turn EVERY setting on anyway because some settings are fundamentally incompatible.

Figuring out WHAT those settings are that need to be turned off is finding the needle in the haystack unless someone has already done it for you. But crossfire isn’t exactly common these days - so good luck with that.

My advice: if you want to do 4k60 on ultra, sell your pair of 390X cards and buy a Radeon VII or 1080Ti. It will actually work.

Don’t get me wrong. When it works, crossfire is great.

But out of my entire 200 game steam library (admittedly i havent tried everything because i gave up) the only 2 things I have had a perfect experience with crossfire on have been:

  • Borderlands 2 - which runs on a potato anyway, my Vegas ran it at 60 fps plus at about 300mhz clocks in 2560x1080 ultrawide
  • 3dmark

When it doesn’t work, your game will either

  • run on one card (this is the best case)
  • have various rendering bugs, frame rate hitching, etc.
    … and you’ll need to disable it because the game is unplayable
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I have a Kavari system in crossfire with an R7 250
Sure it is a pain but there is just something about it that makes worth while.
Just getting it to work in Win 10 was enough for me. But best of luck.
I was never able to get fglrx or whatever it was called to work.

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@wendell so i can pass both gpu’s into vm of win to game? i know have a Ryzen 5 2600X @ 4.25 ghrz with 16gigs Crucial balistix sport 2666 mgrz DDR4 @ 3000 mghrz on a Asrock B450 Pro 4 motherboard and 1.50 bios running the Same 2 XFX R9 390X Black Edition GPU’s in Crossfire ! Sofar the new Proton Project is working well in Steam i know play many games with Ease on Linux but select few! Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!!! Wishing i had one of the Threadripper rigs like you i would be happy with first gen!! but this Second gen 2600X is a hell olf a machine for gaming!!