Dual Xeon Workstation Advice (CPUs + Motherboard)

I picked it because I've found builds online that use it with SSI EEB motherboards (though now that i say that, i can't find the ones i was looking at). The board I'm looking at now is a bit taller, but there's obviously vertical space, especially if i put the psu in the lower compartment. I'm aware I may have to drill some new standoff holes.

my second choice for cases is the Phanteks Enthoo Pro, which specifically supports various large boards, all the way up to ssi eeb. also just found the Nanoxia Deep Silence 2 (thanks @noenken ) which seems very practical. but i find the thermaltake case more attractive…

Hi there, i was just reading around trying to see if there is any new trend in a xeon build for 2017 and i came acrossed this discussions. I could answer some of the questions regarding this type of build as I built my dual 2670 on cp2600cp2j over a year ago. It was a fun project but works were needed to get it to run like an OEM machines. There are a few things that can be improve and should be so. However, once the build is completed, i love it and i have been pushing it hard from day one.

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Awesome, thanks for the interest.

I actually dropped this build in favor of a Ryzen system, though, so no need at this point. But thanks very much!