Dual Xeon 5148 Dual Core vs Intel Core i5 2500K

Hello @Logan and @wendell

So here is the story I have a friend and we were debating if and an Dual Xeon 5148 Dual Core PC with Radeon R9 270 2GB could out run my Intel Core i5 2500K with Radeon R9 270 2GB and 8Gb of ram.
What do you think because he is thinking of buying some used part from Amazon and building one. Just against my PC not new ones what do you think?


the Xeons would be faster probably assuming everything was working 100%

So is he going to build it just for fun or...

Yeah just for fun and as low gaming PC for his younger brothers, he is looking for cheap used parts online...

He'd probably be better off just buying something new like an 860k for any real workload

He has his own FX 8350, R9 280, 16 Gb of ram, 1Tb WD black on MSI 970 gaming motherboard.
His idea is 2 Xeon "used" can beat my old i5 2500K, and it's weird gift to his 2 brothers.

If that is the Xeon I'm thinking of there is no way 2 of them will outperform a i5-2500k, they are ancient. In all likely hood they will bottleneck the R9 270X too. Even an 860K will have twice the single thread performance.