Dual rank Samsung B-Die Overclocking - any tips?

Sup guys?
I’m trying to OC my G.Skill Ripjaws 32gb/3200mhz Samsung B-Die kit, and i’m on an ASRock X370 Fatal1ty Professional (same as a Taichi) with an R5 3600x CPU.
This is an unusual ram kit, original XMP settings are 3200mhz, 16,18,18,38,56 @ 1.35v, dual rank to boot.
I’m aiming for 3600mhz with these, which i don’t think is unreal, thing is, on testing stages with high timings (CL20), i can make my system boot exactly once @3600mhz once i input settings, it runs stable with everything i throw at it, until i turn it off and on again, then it just fails to boot and resets the BIOS settings, without fail.
Any idea why this happens?
Maybe i’m not gonna reach my desired 3600mhz setting?
I tried to use the DRAM calculator and the settings from there just don’t work for me, it mostly falls on a bootloop with those.

x370 does not have as good of ram overlcocking support as x470/x570 you are going to have issues on such an old board. Thats the cost of upgrading cpu but not mobo that are so far apart. If i remember correctly you lose pbo 2 or w/e too

Hmm, so it is a motherboard limitation instead of memory, then.
I did run 3600mhz on this one before, but on a native 3600 XMP memory, perhaps i’ll just lower the timings on my current kit and see what happens, it already runs really well at 3200mhz.

Yeah it’s not that it’s unobtainable it’s more it just doesn’t work as well generally for oc ram from what I remember but last time I was looking at x370 was when x470 dropped so could be wrong but pretty sure that is accurate

Some, like mine, are still receiving AGESA updates (currently on Patch B) and in some cases removing old microcode from 1st gen to adequate them more to 2nd gen chips, but there must be a limitation somewhere, perhaps on the chipset itself.
Its a 3 year old motherboard at this point, that said it does OC memory way better than my previous Biostar X470GT8.

Am I the exception here in not having problems with Ram on ryzen? I have a Crosshair VI Hero (T-Topology) which is “really bad” at ram overclocking on ryzen, and have hit a stable 3600 on a Ryzen 1700 with some work, but the ram was rated at 3000. I wasn’t sure if the ram issue was actually just XMP/DOCP issues, or people actually couldn’t get their ram faster.

I didn’t use the ram calculator as I don’t have Windows, but SOC voltage (be careful, do research) was really helpful, and start off with higher timings than the calculator would give you. Then drop them down one at a time until you hit instability, rinse and repeat is how I managed.

Other side note, I found the fastest ram for me was actually 3200 with lower timings, so it may not be worth pushing the clocks up.

Its not a problem, per say, its more “can i bump this memory a bit higher?” kind of situation, like i said it runs fine on XMP.
I tried the calculator first because so many people had a good experience with it on local groups, but it hasn’t worked well for me, the first setting i tried was 3600, super high CL25 sets and everything else in auto, it did run, started, made benchmarks passes fine, but it was less stable than the CL20 profile i tried after it, but ended up not continuing to test it due to lack of time, but i’ll try it again tomorrow again and report the results.

So far i haven’t tried tried to alter it, i only bumped the RAM voltage a bit higher (1.4v)

Single or dual rank? I’ve already managed to push a Micron E-Die 3000mhz kit on a friend’s machine to 3600mhz without much work.
Also, the calculator mentions my B-die quality being “81%”, which i have no idea if its good or bad.

Definitely an option, i’m thinking about trying a 3200mhz CL14 setting when i come back to it.

This is by far the biggest thing I discovered when clocking up. I raised SOC and went from unbootable to rock solid depending if this was raised or not, but I’ll once again stress that you go find your own information on what is and is not safe. This is one of the somewhat dangerous voltages for your memory controller if set too high.

This particular kit was a dual rank Corsair Vengeance LPX kit that I didn’t bother do even check what memory dye it was. I also tested some trash tier (sold at 2133) B-die to 3600 as well but timings were horrid. SOC was the key on both kits.

Not an exact measure, but good rule of thumb is speed / CL for finding what will likely be best I have found. 3200 CL14 is the sweet spot I think for most first and second gen ryzen, though I don’t have experience with third gen as infinity fabric changes and all match ram speed up to 3600.

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