Dual OS help

I recently decided to dual boot operating systems (osx and Windows) and I was wondering if I could boot both of the operating systems on the ssd and partition my harddrive for a storage drive for both because i don't know if I could dual boot like this, I dont want to put both on a partitioned hard drive for speed issues, but im to poor to buy a high capacity ssd, would this work

You can assign different partitions on the same hdd to different os.

You are going to have to assign one partition to osx and and another to windows because they use different file systems anyway.

I was wondering if you could have a dual boot setup (linux win) on a SDD and then have a  partition on a HDD which both OS could access, for my music. I think it would be ridiculous to have to have 2 copies of every song I own  for each OS, I have a library of over 1TB.



Yes you can do that. just be sure to format it with a file system both OS's understand.